Jody Rigby


Adding Colour

2 minute read

An annual is a plant that usually germinates, flowers, seeds and dies in one year and sometimes in one season.

Gardener''s Guide To Mulch

3 minute read

Autumn is the perfect time to mulch your garden as it conserves water.

Citrus On a Balcony

2 minute read

Living in a unit with a balcony should not limit your ability to grow your own food. With advanced techniques in plant growing, there are now many varieties of citrus suitable for pots and small spaces.

How To Grow Garden Hedges

3 minute read

Our experts show to how to achieve beautiful and successful garden hedges.

Outdoor Furniture

1 minute read

Add a touch of style to your outdoor living space with these great outdoor furniture ideas.

Lawn Alternatives

2 minute read

There has been a shift lately in regard to lawns; no longer does the quintessential square patch of immaculately mown green, take pride of place in the average front yard.

Veggies in Small Spaces

2 minute read

Having a small courtyard or backyard should not limit one’s ability to grow their own food. With the right pots, combination of plants and a little imagination, an attractive and productive corner can be achieved.

Lighting Your Garden

3 minute read

The Garden Angels look at different garden lighting.

Weeding out Garden Weeds

3 minute read

Weeds are the bane of every gardener’s existence, and excluding the handful of people who actually find weeding cathartic, most of us would prefer to eradicate them forever.

Hanging Gardens

2 minute read

If your space is limited or you would like to give an awning or structure some colour or soften the look, hanging baskets are a great option.