Bryce Holdaway


How to Get Your Finance Pre-Approved

1 minute read

Getting your finance pre-approved prior to any house hunt will help you when you do find your dream home. Learn how from the experts

Things to Consider Before Moving Interstate

2 minute read

Moving interstate is a big change that requires a big moving process. here are some key things to consider before you make the move!

How To Make a Compelling Offer

3 minute read

Brian and Jane were looking to buy their first property together and they found one that they liked in the beautiful Perth suburb of mount Hawthorne - but they needed to make a compelling offer to secure it.

How To Negotiate a Great Deal

3 minute read

Looking to get the best price on your home? Follow these top tips from property guru Bryce Holdaway.

How to Manage First Home Dream Expectations

2 minute read

Learn how to manage your expectations when buying your first home!

Tips for Buying In a Holiday Location

3 minute read

If you're thinking of buying a home in a popular holiday location, there are some some extra considerations you need to think about. Bryce explains all!

How to Work with a Tight Budget

2 minute read

It's tempting to go on a big buying spree when you move into a new house, but how do you find your dream home when you're working with a tight budget?

Paying The Asking Price

2 minute read

When is it OK to pay the price that the seller is asking for? Bryce Holdaway shares his insights.

Relocating Interstate: What You Need to Know

2 minute read

Here are some top tips from Bryce Holdaway for those people looking to move interstate.

Top Tips for Buying an Apartment

2 minute read

Is property a one-night stand or a long-term commitment? Bryce Holdaway provides you with his top tips for buying an apartment.