Bernadette Zantey


WIFE: Bernadette
AGE: 36
OCCUPATION: Musician, Confectionary Agent
STATE: South Australia

ABOUT: Bernadette and her husband Peter live with their two kids in a rental property. They are both passionate musicians and play together in an original medieval acoustic trio called Faire D'Ophelia, Peter plays the guitar and Bernadette sings.

Bernadette gets frustrated coming home to a dirty house and wishes Peter would cook and do more for her. She returns home from work and Peter expects the dinner to be on the table. On top of this he will leave dirty dishes sitting in the sink for days. He doesn’t see why that’s a problem and thinks that all housework, even for a stay at home Dad is ‘chicky stuff’.

The Zantey’s philosophy on their household is that ‘we’re a little bit crazy, fun, musical and we don’t really plan things. It’s pretty laid back and we’re not huge on routine.’

They don’t do any extra activities after school as they can’t afford it and normally Bernadette is just too busy. They don’t do anything as a couple as the only time they are alone is when the kids are in bed.

WIFE: Bernadette (36) works three days a week as a confectionary service agent, restocking lolly and chip boxes. She recently started a business on the side with her sister making baby cushions.

Bernadette also belongs to a dance troupe with four girls - they paint their faces blue, wear tartan dresses and dance the medieval Morris dance.

Bernadette would be happy if her husband worked a 'normal' job so she could stay at home and take care of the house and children. ‘We are definitely not a boring couple and despite our 'conflicts' we still love each other, we are funny and very young at heart.’
HUSBAND: Peter (45) is a stay at home dad. He looks after their little one Phoenix and practices the drums during the day for his Black Sabbath cover band. He is on the computer all day trying to sell his music to film, television and commercial companies.
Top tips for surviving a week with Peter is don’t harass him about the music and don’t get him started on New World Order, aliens or conspiracy theories!

CHILDREN: Piper (9) is an intelligent young girl who wants to model and be an actress when she is older, and Phoenix (20 months) is the baby of the family.

PETS: An indoor cat and a dog called Bella. Bernadette and Piper walk Bella three times a week.


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