Advice & Tips for Buying a House

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Location: Phillip Island, VIC

Location: Phillip Island, VIC

Meet Meet Bryony and Max!

Location: Camden and Surrounds, NSW

5 minute read

Meet Julian and Nazrene

How to Be Flexible with Your Budget

2 minute read

Learn how to be flexible with these top property tips from Veronica Morgan.

Tips for Buying In a Holiday Location

3 minute read

If you're thinking of buying a home in a popular holiday location, there are some some extra considerations you need to think about. Bryce explains all!

Property Pointer - Sea Change

1 minute read

Moving out of a city to a regional market is risky.

How Compromises Affect Your Investment

2 minute read

Property guru Veronica Morgan shares her top tips on how to make a compromise when it comes to managing your property expectations!

How to Work with a Tight Budget

2 minute read

It's tempting to go on a big buying spree when you move into a new house, but how do you find your dream home when you're working with a tight budget?

Location: Inner West, Sydney, NSW

4 minute read

Meet Juliet and Jackie!

Location: Altona North, Melbourne ,VIC

4 minute read

Meet Laura and Marcus!

Property Pointer - Buying a Forever Home

1 minute read

Get some top property pointers!

Guide Prices Vs. Real Prices

2 minute read

Sometimes we go to auctions on ended up selling for a price way in excess of what the agent was quoting. How can that happen?