Advice & Tips for Buying a House

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What you need to know before buying a house
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What you need to know before buying a house

Imagine this: You’ve just found the property of your dreams and it’s within your budget! While you may have fallen head over heels in love, property expert Andrew Winter says engaging the experts and performing the essential checks can save you a lot of time and money down the track.

Andrew Winter's 14 best property tips of all time

5 minute read

Buying, selling, investing or renovating? Property expert, Andrew Winter shares his most insightful, practical real estate advice, ever!

How to read a building report

3 minute read

About to purchase your dream home? When buying property it's essential to go into any purchase with your eyes wide open. It can be easy to fall in love with a property, but seeing a home for what it really is - faults and all - will help you to make the right choice about

Co-ownership: Is it a good idea?

3 minute read

Getting a foot on the property ladder can be easier if you combine your resources with a family member, friend or stranger, but as Andrew Winter explains, having a water-tight agreement is essential before making any big financial decisions.

Read this before you buy a heritage property

2 minute read

Heritage-listed homes are important pillars of our community, preserving the design elements of a bygone era. Here's what you need to know if you are in the market for a beautiful, historical building.

Beyond the backyard: This is the new Australian Dream

2 minute read

Owning a single-storey home on a quarter-acre block was once considered 'living the dream' for the average Australian family. But, with the changing property landscape across the country, that dream has evolved.

Australia's most in-demand suburbs of 2018 revealed

3 minute read

As the property market cools in some parts of Australia, the real estate landscape is changing. Read on for the country's most popular places to live, and why homebuyers are flocking to these sought-after suburbs.rbs.

How to move house without the stress

4 minute read

Packing up your belongings to relocate to a new abode is both exciting and daunting at the same time. Here's how you can simplify the process and take the hard work out of preparing to move.

How to get a home loan later in life

4 minute read

They say 50 is the new 40. However, when it comes to getting a home loan, 50 is well, 50 and that’s something lenders take into consideration if you’re looking to buy property later in life.

How to win at auction (without blowing your budget)

4 minute read

There's an art to not only winning an auction but making sure it happens within your budget according to property expert Veronica Morgan.

Want to buy a home overseas? Try these destinations

3 minute read

If you've ever considered investing in property overseas, we've got the scoop on which cities to invest in.