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    Hiya. I am 42yo, 50kg but unfit and untoned. I have 'a tummy' or spare tyre. What exercise should I do to tone arms, legs and banish the innertube. i know I don't need to 'lose' any weight - just move it around a bit. :)

    walking for weight loss 

    Good Evening i would like to know how to start a weight loss program by walking as i am quite over weight my doctor has told me to walk and lose 20kg and i am not sure where to start i have read that unless you power walk or run you wont lose much weight is this true ? thank you for any advice and ideas


    52yr old male 103kg x 169cm heigh ... type 2 diabetic ...... very little enthusiasm ... can i be fixed of just enjoy the cookies while i'm around ?

    Cant manage to loose weight.  

    Hi Blake, i am interested in finding out the best exercises to do to loose weight. i eat well and i am a member of a gym. I recently gained 15-17kgs when i quit smoking 6 months ago and have not been able to loose it. I eat a well balanced diet and have increased my veg and fruit intake. I thought taking up rowing to assist in my weight loss. i am 76kgs and prior to quitting i was 62kgs. But there has been absolutely no change. i am concerned as i feel i am working hard with no result. What on earth can i do to get things going? many thanks Liz

    Weight loss & Fitness 

    Hi Blake, im 14 years and 71.2kg. I am a very sport person but I'm still not loosing much weight. I am running for at least 20mins a day plus my sports and trainings. I am on a balanced diet. I don't know what else to do??

    14 day after Easter detox 

    Hi Blake, you mention the after workout meal, but I usually exercise in the evenings due to work, then have dinner after my workout. I don't need to have both meals do I?

    Body transformation 

    Hey Blake, I've read a few of your articles and I'd love to chat to you about my current project - I think it would make a great article. Basically, so many people want to get stronger or leaner and now they're all looking for shortcuts. Some of these are very unhealthy. I'm going to prove that in 90 days you can reach your goals and do it safely. I'll be blogging every day and be great motivation for readers who want support for their own journeys. Check it out - & and let me know if you'd love to talk more. All the best, Alex


    Hi Blake, I'm 48, 105kgs. I had a serious fall a few years back that saw injuries to my sholder and both legs, so I put on weight and now I struggle with excercise. My doc has suggested the local hydrotherapy pool. I go 5 times a week but don't know what exercises to do. I have nerve damage in my legs and ankles have ligament damage. Would love any help. Thank you.

    Weight gain 

    Hi blake I am a 37 year old male weighing approx 51kg.Just wondering about the right type gym workout to bulk and a diet plan I have tried over the years and failed.Could you please kindly help me to gain muscle wiyh a workout r outine and a muscle gaining diet yours sincerley Craig curran

    Weight Loss 

    Hey Blake, I was wondering, how do I tone my body without getting ride of my curves? I've been meaning to tone up for ages but I don't want to lose my curves lol curves are a girls bestfriend!!

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