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Behaviour and Training

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Tips to Help Train an Adult Dog
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Tips to Help Train an Adult Dog

While dogs tend to be an infinite source of joy, some can be a bit more difficult!

Pigeon Racing in Tilba

Find out more about pigeon racing as seen in Series 3 of River Cottage Australia.

How to Introduce Your Kids and Puppy

Getting a new puppy for the family? Follow this guide to ensure the process runs smoothly

Tips For A Rental Friendly Pet

By Dr Ben Willcocks On 21 Jun

Get some top tips for having a rental friendly pet..

How to Hold a Successful Puppy Playdate

Playing comes naturally to puppies, but you have a critical role in making sure his first playdate goes well...

The Benefits of Puppy School

The first 16 weeks of a dog’s life is a critical development phase...

13 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog Commands

How do you make time to teach your dog new commands? Stacy Braslau-Schneck shows us some easy tricks...

Easing Your Puppy's Separation Anxiety

eparation anxiety can affect us all -- even our puppies. Here are some steps yuo can take to help her adjust

The Right Way to Handle Puppy Behaviour Issues

Follow these tips to help keep your puppy out of trouble...

Play That Trains Your Puppy

Use ingrained behaviour to your advantage to help train your puppy and teach him commands

4 Steps to Socialising Your Puppy

Your puppy has to learn to live in its new world -- and that includes the occasional guest, the arrival of the post and the fierce growl of the vacuum cleaner.