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How to take Insta-worthy pictures of your pet
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How to take Insta-worthy pictures of your pet

Here's how to capture your pet's cutest moments.

How to manage your pet's anxiety

2 minute read

Anxiety in pets is a lot more complicated than you may think.

Tips to Help Train an Adult Dog

3 minute read

While dogs tend to be an infinite source of joy, some can be a bit more difficult!

Pigeon Racing in Tilba

2 minute read

Find out more about pigeon racing as seen in Series 3 of River Cottage Australia.

How to Introduce Your Kids and Puppy

2 minute read

Getting a new puppy for the family? Follow this guide to ensure the process runs smoothly

Play That Trains Your Puppy

3 minute read

Use ingrained behaviour to your advantage to help train your puppy and teach him commands

13 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog Commands

3 minute read

How do you make time to teach your dog new commands? Stacy Braslau-Schneck shows us some easy tricks...

Easing Your Puppy's Separation Anxiety

3 minute read

eparation anxiety can affect us all -- even our puppies. Here are some steps yuo can take to help her adjust

The Right Way to Handle Puppy Behaviour Issues

3 minute read

Follow these tips to help keep your puppy out of trouble...

4 Steps to Socialising Your Puppy

3 minute read

Your puppy has to learn to live in its new world -- and that includes the occasional guest, the arrival of the post and the fierce growl of the vacuum cleaner.

Top 10 Tips for a Well-Socialised Dog

4 minute read

Dr Seksel, a leading veterinary specialist in Behavioural Medicine, says there are ten priorities for a well-socialised dog.