DIY Bedroom Ideas, Decor & Renovations

Quilting Obsession
Thumbnail of Shannon Lush

Quilting Obsession

Shannon Lush shows anyone with a passion for quilting how to get organised.

Airless Bedroom Makeover

1 minute read

Shannon Lush gives a few simple tips on cleaning up a mouldy, airless bedroom.

French Bedroom Antiques

4 minute read

Rebekah Prince from Essex longs for an opulent French bedroom.

Sheridan Bed Sheets

1 minute read

Mix and match your own bed sheets to create the look you want with POP by Sheridan.

SEALY POSTUREPEDIC Supports your life

2 minute read

To get the best out of life, you need to get the most out of every hour of sleep.

Bedroom Colours And What They Mean

3 minute read

See what paint colours inspire passion or relaxation in the bedroom.

Make A Headboard For Your Bed

2 minute read

Your DIY guide to decorating your bedroom on a budget.

Asian Style Decorating Tips

2 minute read

Bring a sense of holiday-esq relaxation and Asian opulence to your home.

Office Space In A Bedroom

2 minute read

Make a space for work and relaxation at home.

Design With Panelled Walls

2 minute read

Rather than get rid of panels, make them work in a new room.

Maximise Space in a Small Bedroom

2 minute read

If you are sleeping in a small bedroom, then follow these clever tips to maximize space in a small bedroom.