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Dyeing For Attention

Dyeing For Attention

A new study claims that gentlemen really do prefer blondes, but does hair colour make that much of a difference? Our experts explain why blondes really do have more fun.

Suffering In The Name Of Beauty

5 minute read

Beauty can come at a high price - DIY waxing and hair dying sessions may trigger allergies and hair loss, and some slimmers chase weight loss by buying risky online weight-loss. We check out the perils of beauty.

Good Enough To Eat

2 minute read

Organic has become the buzzword of the beauty industry

Be A Lazy Beauty

4 minute read

Look fabulous the lazy way with celebrity stylist Hannah Sandling's top beauty tips.

Your 2010 BeautyPrescription

4 minute read

Get your ultimate formula for feeling beautiful for 2010.

Party Season Survival Guide

3 minute read

Disguise those tell-tale signs of the-morning-after-the-night-before with beauty remedies guaranteed to get you going.

Plump it up

2 minute read

There’s really only one time you’ll be happy to hear the words ‘full and plump’ mentioned in the same sentence.

How to Recognise Natural Beauty Products

2 minute read

Learn how to tell apart what beauty products are natural and what’s not!

How to Grow Longer Locks

1 minute read

TRESemmé stylist Troy Thompson gives us his top tips for growing your hair out.

How To Choose The Right Foundation

3 minute read

Don't let the wrong foundation wreak havoc with your skin...

Get the Latest Nail Trends for Winter

2 minute read

Want to have the hottest tips this winter?