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Hair Trends Inspired by the Olympics
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Hair Trends Inspired by the Olympics

5 hairstyles inspired by the Olympics.

Spring/Summer Beauty Trends with Napoleon

2 minute read

Napoleon Perdis on his new looks and working with Miranda Kerr.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Secrets

2 minute read

80% of Aussie’s would go under the knife to look like celebrity role-models

12 Secrets To Healthy Ageing

4 minute read

Secrets to help keep your body looking and feeling younger for longer.

Blowdry Hair Like A Pro!

2 minute read

Finally, here's how to blowdry your hair and get amazing results,

Get Gorgeous Winter Skin

8 minute read

We sometimes don’t pay attention to the subtle changes in our skin during the seasons, in particular the colder winter months.

Do You Need A Beauty Detox?

2 minute read

Are the chemicals you apply to your skin doing you damage?

Winter Skin Preparation Tips

3 minute read

Winter is the ideal time to ensure the skin is nourished and protected. Here's how ...

Faker's Guide To Tanning

2 minute read

Fake tans give you the look you’re craving as summer approaches, but will help you avoid skin damage, health risks and signs of premature aging that comes with sun worshipping. Go on, fake it!

In Pursuit Of Perfection

5 minute read

Hollywood's pressure for physical perfection has resulted in Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker having a small mole removed from her face. Where celebrities lead others follow, and many women may be inspired to address those niggling imperfections. We face the facts about the remedies and techniques.

Dyeing For Attention

4 minute read

A new study claims that gentlemen really do prefer blondes, but does hair colour make that much of a difference? Our experts explain why blondes really do have more fun.