DIY Bathroom Ideas, Decor & Renovations

Timeless Bathrooms - Distinctive Form

Timeless Bathrooms - Distinctive Form

Products that exude the finest standards in design and workmanship will add distinctive style to any bathroom

Dramatically Different Bathrooms

Taking a few chances with design allowed a bathroom and powder room to push boundaries

Scrub Your Bathroom Sparkling

Here are some tips to help you get your bathroom squeaky clean, and keep it that way!

6 New Bathroom Trends

Reece reveals the top bathroom purchasing trends for the next 12 months.

Top 10 bathrooms from Selling Houses Australia

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Bathroom Renovation Planning

We share some tips on how to plan your bathroom renovation.

Install A Rheem Hot Water System

Solar, gas or electric. Continuous flow, heat pump, or storage. Rheem has a range of hot water solutions for every situation.

Toilet Paper Saver

If your toilet paper is disappearing too quickly, Shannon Lush has a handy hint to make the rolls go further.

Cleaning Mouldy Bathroom Walls

Try this natural way to banish mould for good,

Clean Bath Stains

Shannon Lush shares how to remove stubborn water stains in your bath naturally.

Cleaning Toilet Seats

There's nothing uglier than a stained toilet seat, but Shannon Lush knows how to clean the stains naturally.