Rebecca Mitchell


What to do if something goes wrong with your Airbnb

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While home sharing websites are great for travellers, the internet isn't always dependable. Find out how to deal with, and avoid, unexpected Airbnb disasters.

Everything you need to know about natural deodorant

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We researched and found some great alternatives to traditional deodorant.

We need to talk about menopause

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What you should know about menopause and how you can prepare yourself.

Incredible lighthouses to visit around Australia

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Want a holiday that takes you off the grid? Try one of these Australian lighthouses in NSW, Victoria, and more.

What Lady Bird gets right about mothers and daughters

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Greta Gerwig's Oscar-nominated Lady Bird will remind you of the good, bad and ugly aspects of mother-daughter relationships.

Would you eat meat grown in a lab?

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Lab-grown meat or 'cultured' meat is the scientific solution to the environmental and food related problems faced by our planet and people.

One day in Canberra: How to spend 24 hours in the nation's capital

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If you're looking for the perfect one-day itinerary for Australia's capital, discover our best tips for how to spend 24 hours in Canberra.

Is coffee cupping the new wine tasting?

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Our obsession with coffee is becoming a greater part of our lives, meaning professional tasting techniques are starting to pique the interest of amateurs.

Is Icelandic skyr the new Greek yoghurt?

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What is skyr? Find out about the new Icelandic yoghurt substitute that everyone is talking about.

The best cruises for Australian foodies

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Find out which cruise ship you should book for the best food and restaurant experience.