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Gemma & Beatriz Peña


Building Big in the City

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 18 Dec

Taking on a project in the centre of the city is not for everyone. However, for those who rise to the challenge, it’s always an adventure. But was it worth it?

What to Look for When Selecting Your Next Home or Building Site

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 18 Dec

Selecting the site to build your future home requires just as much consideration as the design of the home itself.

Building your next home within nature!

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 3 Dec

Working with the natural geography of a site is all about honoring nature and letting the land drive the decisions. Is this possible?

Living in Minimal 1950’s Inspired Spaces and Not Letting the Clutter Take Over

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 26 Nov

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said: "You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having."

Is Home Automation For Everyone?

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 19 Nov

When you have a basic shopping list, the options can be endless!

The Importance of Setting a Construction Budget Early on in a Project

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 13 Nov

Setting a construction budget at the beginning of a project should be a ‘must do’. It will act as the baseline for every decision you make during the project. Failing to do so may result in scope reduction and omission of key elements.

Embracing Prefabrication for Residential Buildings

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 5 Nov

Attention to detail and product quality obtained on prefabrication can benefit the project in more ways than one!

Top Tips for Buying a Fixer-Upper

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 14 Jul

Whether you’re buying an investment property or planning to live in your new home straight away, there are 3 key ‘property potential’ things to remember.

Top 7 Tips for Sustainable Building or Renovating

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 18 Jun

Building a sustainable home doesn’t have to have expensive bells and whistles. With a few key design principals a sustainable home can be built at little to no additional costs.

How To Merge Old and New when Renovating

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 11 Jun

When renovating an existing building, do you remain faithful to the period architecture or turn your back on history? Find out more about the Harcourt house and the most important things to consider when undertaking a renovation project of your own.