Freya Herring


24 hours in Delhi

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Here’s how to do the best of Delhi has to offer in 24 hours.

24 hours in Menorca: The authentic Balearics island

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Ibiza and Mallorca are on the tip of everyone's tongue when you think about Spain's Balearic Islands. But you'd be a fool to overlook their little sister Menorca.

24 hours in Ibiza: More than just a party town

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Thought Ibiza was just about 24-hour partying? Think again.

24 hours in Corsica: An island of two halves

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Thought a day wasn't enough to soak up the essence of Corsica? Think again.

24 hours in Sardinia: Food, history and stunning surrounds

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Whether it's a dose of culture or some serious tanning time, there's more than enough to keep you going when you've got a day to spend in Sardinia.

One perfect day in Newcastle, NSW

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From the beach to the bars - and the nature walks in between - for a one-night stay, this New South Wales city sure has a lot to offer.

Dining, hiking and vintage shopping: 24 Hours in Bowral

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Whether it’s world-class food, vintage shopping or spectacular hiking you’re after, Bowral has it all.

How to spend a decadent day in Hobart

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Amazing food, heritage architecture and seriously luxurious hotels make Hobart your one-stop-shop for the perfect night away.

We've found the ultimate plane outfit

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We tried every sort of clothing on a plane: And here's what we found out.

We flew America’s fanciest business class – here’s our verdict

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Most of us can only dream of the fabled Business Class. It is usually more than double the price of an economy ticket, meaning it’s a lot to invest for a few hours. Is it worth it? We'll let you decide.