How to Decorate a Space with Vintage Finds
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How to Decorate a Space with Vintage Finds

Discover tips and tricks to style your home with vintage items.

Top 15 Secrets of Antique Dealers Revealed

Want to bag yourself an antique bargain? According to the experts, there's no better time than now. Here, we reveal the top 15 secrets of antique dealers.

Vintage Alive At Love Vintage Fair

The highlights from the Mecca for vintage lovers

The Secrets Of Pawn

Why go to a pawn dealer opposed to selling online? We talk to major player Seth Gold to find out...

How To Care For Vintage Clothing

Linda Connell, owner of Recycology shares her tips on how to care for your precious Vintage finds

Chandeliers & Lighting

Over time the chandelier evolved from a simple source of light to a visual statement. The chandelier is back in vogue and as with all revived fashions it’s bigger and more contemporary than ever.

DIY Heirloom

Too often family heirlooms and keepsakes are banished to the back of the closet, but if you mount your memories, you can look at them everyday.

Affordable Antiques

We might love a house full of antiques from the 1880s but most of our wallets won't stretch that far. But there is an affordable way to fill your house with pieces from the past, and that is to go for Australiana, especially pieces from the 1930s.

Affordable Antiques

Classic furniture normally means expensive but it needn't always be so.

Buying At Auction

Going, going, gone. Eric Knowles explains how to scratch your head at an auction without ending up owning a Rembrandt.

Royal Doulton Figurines

Everything you need to know about the infamous Royal Doulton figurines by By Bill Gregg.