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    Selling an investment property 

    Our 2 bed, 1 bath villa has been on the market for 13 months. It is recently painted etc and although it's a bit bland with no artwork on the walls, the tenants keep it clean tidy. We had a few investors early on who complained we weren't charging enough rent but I feel that is something they could rectify should they purchase, the current rent more than covers our costs and I'd prefer tenants to having it empty. Can you give us any pointers? Link provided.

    Piant colour advise 

    We need to paint the exterior of our house and do a few repairs in order to sell it. My wife and I have no idea on how to pick a suitable colour. Where should we go to get advise? Thanks

    Akward layout heritage home 

    Hi Andrew, Love your show!!! We have an 1857 stone cottage in Macclesfield, it is a gorgeous home from the outside with a huge backyard which makes me want to make it workable as opposed to selling. When you walk in you get two large sized bedrooms and a staircase that goes up to a converted attic - one room we have opened up for kids playroom and the other room is storage. Further down on the left is a room with no windows and a fireplace - this has a second door that opens up to a lounge room (but what we are using as the master). The master then leads out to the kitchen diner and another room - all open plan. Then through to another addition that has one bathroom, laundry and a small sun room - it is one large rectangle at the moment). Off the kitchen side of the house is another awesome sized cottage - but it is higher than the rest of the house so we cant join it up. My question (finally!! ) is should we add an ensuite / WIR to our master bedroom (externally), we have priced this it is around $25k or convert the room that leads to our bedroom internally. Are we better to lose a room as such to get a bathroom? Or keep that internal room and turn it into a study area by knocking out the wall and having it open to the hallway? The bathroom will be southside - so freezing and I think may feel slightly disjointed, not keeping the rectangle shape - but with 3 kids we need another toilet!! Thanks for taking the time to reads this and again love, love, love your show!

    Single storey or double storey 

    Hi, I am securing a narrow block of land measuring 320m (10 * 32) in Sydney's North West. I have started investigating developers, and have been amazed at the design possibilities on such a small block. Although conventional wisdom suggests double story, I have come across a single story 4 bed plus home theater design, which will leave me with approx 5m wide backyard. I am wondering if it will be a good idea in long term, as I intend to maybe sell in 5 years. Thanks, Ahmed

    to fixs and to sell 

    can we get on your show ,has we must sell your home its is to big for only 2 now i can put up to $50.000 to get ti fixs can you places help us,the home is at Warradale rd Silverdale 2752 Thank you Bernie

    14 months to sell a Country Property - 1880 Circa 

    Hello Andrew, I am writing to let you that I have been trying to sell my property in Charlton, country town in Victoria. Recently it has been put on Realestate .com and have had a couple of enquiries. The Agent is the only one in the town, so he has taken on the challenge, but is not entirely putting in 100% now it has been going so long. Your expert assistance would be brilliant if I was able to engage you and your team. I'm not sure if the beautiful property needs a full makeover but definitely some specialist treatment. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards. Deborah Lewis

    tax on selling house 

    Hi Andrew, After I have sold my rental house what thing can I claim off the gov sales taxes please. Had place since 1998. With Regards leslie

    motel in quorn  

    please sell my 4 neighbours houses they all went on the market 6 months ago when we started a 3 million development they constantly give us and the council grief even though we have changed the plans to suit them. please help them sell. will be fore ever great full regards wendy

    New kitchen worktop. 

    We have a kitchen that we love except for the colour of the worktop. Actually 3 work tops. The main top incorporating sink, a smaller top around the hot plate and an even smaller top with the pantry sitting on top. The tops are laminated with rounded edges. Money is limited and replacing is difficult due to the tiles on the walls. Watching your shows it would seem painting might be the logical solution. It certainly looks good on your shows. Is it really as good as lt looks? I assume it needs to be done by professionals but have not been able to find an expert to obtain. Quotation. I live in Croydon, Victoria. Do you agree this could be the best approach and who may be able to help to get a quote and do the job. Many thanks Malcolm Malcolm

    Your show Season 7 Episode 11 

    Hi Andrew, We live in England and have just watched the above episode with the couple selling a sea front property in Grays Point, New South Wales. Couldn't believe that they didn't accept the £1.4 m. Is there any chance you can give us an update. Have they now actually sold it or have they decided not to sell now? Thank you. By the way, we always used to watch your shows in England and when we saw you were on the Aussie shows, we now watch those all the time. Look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew Winter is a residential property expert and Lifestyle’s multiple award-winning television host.

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