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Is Country Living Right for You?

If a rural property is on your wish list, there are some important things to consider before splashing the cash. Andrew Winter fills us in on the negatives.

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Andrew Winter's Top 7 Renovation No No's!

Renovations can be driven by emotion and it’s easy to get carried away. Here, Andrew Winter shares his biggest reno no no's!

How To Downsize Your Home

If you're living in a large family home but the kids have flown the nest, then you may want to consider downsizing. Andrew Winter shares his expert advice.

Tips for Buying a Restricted Access Property

Andrew Winter explores some of the pros and cons of buying a property with restricted access.

Your Guide to Capital Gains Tax

Tax. We all hate it but most of us can’t avoid it. Property Expert Andrew Winter provides his expert advice to selling a property and capital gains tax.

Is a Heritage House Right for You?

Heritage properties can be a double-edged sword, so is it the right choice for you if you're looking to buy? Andrew Winter shares his expert advice.

How To Climb the Property Ladder

Want to climb the property ladder successfully? Property guru Andrew Winter shares his expert advice.

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

We sell our homes for all kinds of reasons, but what nearly every vendor has in common is passing on the sale of their biggest asset to a virtual stranger - the real estate agent. Andrew Winter shares his expert advice to ensure you pick the right one for the job!

Selling: What Should I do with an Unfinished Home?

Our Property Expert and star of Selling Houses Australia, Andrew Winter, provides his expert advice about what to do with a half-renovated home.

Time is the Great Healer

Our Property expert, Andrew Winter, explains why time is the great healer when it comes to the property market.

Top Tips for Waterfront Properties

Here are a few things to consider before you splash out. Andrew Winter shares his expert advice!

Andrew Winter is a residential property expert and Lifestyle’s multiple award-winning television host.

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