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Property Expert

Tips For Keeping Your Renovations On-Track

Don't fall into the trap of running out of time, money or interest!

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How to Sell a Country Home

Andrew Winter has some great tips for selling a property in the country.

Selling a Property With Tenants

While selling a property with tenants is a dream come true for investors, it can be tricky if you want the tennants out.

Why Property Orientation is So Important

Which way a property faces isn't always a priority for a buyer or vendor, but it should be.

Buying off the Plan

Some properties are offered for sale before they are even built. It's called buying off the plan, and while there are some benefits, it's important to know exactly what you're getting.

Andrew Winter's Word of Caution when Moving House

Trading in the great family homestead no matter how grand or how modest for another, is understandably a big deal. Andrew Winter shares his tips for tracking down the right house.

The Impacts of Zoning on a Property

Development in our communities is controlled by local government. Councils rule how land can be used, and what they decide could affect you more than you think. Andrew Winter shares his expert advice.

How to Determine the Value of Your Home When Selling

When we're selling a property, the million dollar question is, 'What is it worth?' Here, Andrew Winter tells you how to determine the value of your house.

Should I Buy a Home that's Ripe for Renovation?

It’s tough cracking the renovator's market, but the rewards can be profitable if you get it right! Andrew Winter shares his expert property advice.

How to Overcome Location Negatives when Selling

You can do your best to play up the positives of your property location and play down the negatives. Here, Andrew Winters shows us how.

How to Avoid Property Partnership Hell

Co-ownership is one way to get a leg up on the property ladder - but tread carefully. Andrew Winnter fills you in on the legal complications to consider, before jumping in.

Andrew Winter is a residential property expert and Lifestyle’s multiple award-winning television host.

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