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'Rentvesting': Why first time buyers are choosing investment properties

Andrew Winter says choosing an investment property is a good solution for first time buyers - and the industry needs to catch up.

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How to shop for regional real estate

Regional Australia can be a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

How to downplay your home's negatives when selling

Andrew Winter explains how to present the trickier features of your home to potential buyers.

What's an encumbrance? It could halt your renovation plans

You may not have heard the term, but Andrew Winter explains how an encumbrance could restrict your renovations.

How to know if your renovations need council approval

Even removing a tree from your property could require permission, Andrew Winter explains.

Should I renovate or rebuild?

Andrew Winter explains why demolishing can sometimes be cheaper than renovating.

How to plan costs for an investment property

We all know an investment property can make you money, but Andrew Winter warns there are additional costs to factor in.

How to use your home as a holiday rental

Andrew Winter tells you how to make some extra cash by renting your house out short-term.

How to pick the right real estate agent

Andrew Winter explains why a good agent is worth their weight in gold.

How to sell a property with unusual features

Andrew Winter tells you how to market those unique features - you might love them, but potential buyers may need more convincing.

How to buy in Australia's most competitive suburbs

Andrew Winter has the perfect strategy for buying in those close-knit communities where properties rarely come on the market.

Andrew Winter is a residential property expert and Lifestyle’s multiple award-winning television host.

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