Adrian Richardson

Celebrity Chef


    Hi Adrian, I love your cooking and would appreciate your suggestion as to a dessert to serve for a lunch for 12 people. Thanks

    tired eater 

    Hi, what does a celbrity chef eat, what simple meals does a chep cook.? Suggestions needed thanks

    Gluten free bread 

    Hi Adrian, I have only just recently discovered your show good chef bad chef and think it is brilliant. I am not sure if you can help or not but I am after a gluten free bread recepie which is a light bread as opposed to the heavy dense breads which seem to be out there. I prefer to make my own as the commercial breads all taste like sawdust unless you toast them and even then some of them still taste as bad as before. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Colleen


    Hi Adrian, I have lots of Garlic bulbs and would like to peel and preserve them, could you please tell me the best way to do this. Thanks Marina

    recipes for beef gerrello 

    I've bought a roast beef gerrello and I don't know what to do with it. Any ideas please and make it simple? Thanks


    could you please send me your recipe of Beef Rendang...from good chef bad chef...thanks Dawn

    Radish & Orange salad recipe 

    I made a Radish & Orange salad for Christmas a couple of years ago, & have since lost the recipe. Would you be able to help me out? From memory, the dressing was quite sweet with orange juice etc in it. Many thanks


    Hi Adrian Saw your recipe for Chicken fingers – rolled in yoghurt and parmesan & sesame breadcrumbs on Minted Peas on Good Chef ... . Honey is listed in the recipe but the preparation/cooking method doesn't say where it is used?? Can you please help? Thanks Tim


    gday i watched your show last sunday and you made a rice dish was wondering if i could have it please not sure what it was called but it had mince pinenuts pitachio nuts and silverbeet in it then you baked all in the oven afterward in a pot if possible would like this recipe thank you

    Salmon rissoles 

    Can you freeze caaned salmon, potatoes onions & parsley rissoles?

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