Adrian Richardson

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    Mongolian Beef 

    Gday Adrian! huge fan I love meat too!! Can you do an episode where you make a spicy Mongolian Beef?????? Please

    Cream cheese 

    Hi Adrian just hoping you could ask janella or even if you have any ideas as to whether or not the cream cheese alternative "tofutti" is a healthy substitute to cream cheese and if there are any other alternatives available? Thankyou.


    My question is,I dont have any teeth and i love steak,I cant stand blood in my meat but a little pink is ok,but I seem to get it tender enough,no matter what sort of steak i buy i end up throwing it away as i cant eat it,i also cant take ant hot spices at all is there anyway tasting up meat without hot spice,i do watch your peograms but your steat are to rare for me,can you help me? Linda.

    Love meat 

    Hi Adrian! I love yor secret meat business cooking show and how passionate you are , as am about meat!... My question is!what to say to peope that you are coking for that want their meat well done? as noting annoys me more to cook a well done steak! I my self like it medium rare. Also are yo going to make more episodesof BOY'S WEEKEND? x Renee

    prawn paste - blachan 

    Hi Adrian I am allergic to prawns and many asian recipes require blachan to be fried up with the onions etc for an integral taste. Can I substitute fish sauce. I am hesitant to do this as this is predominantly a thai flavour. regards Irna


    Adrian I have tried for ever to get pork crackling like my mother used to make as a child, she is no longer with so my question goes to you, i have a bbq with a hood and seek your advice on how to get my crackling nice and crispy, thanks in anticipation ross ps love the show

    Dutch Breudher 

    In Sri Lanka for Christmas we used to eat Breudher with cheese. My mother is a Dutch Burgher. Would love to know the receipe to carry on this tradition.


    Hi Adrian, would like to know where you get the rabbits from as they are nice and big and plump, whereas the ones I get are very small. Hope to hear from you soon. Love your show. Jenny

    coeliac recipes 

    my wife is coeliac can you suggest any basic recipe ideas or where to get any info ?


    Your recipe for making soudough bread.

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