Adrian Richardson

Celebrity Chef

    Tex Mex Ribs 

    Hi Adrian My husband & I love your Secret Meat Business. I am going to make your recipe for the Tex Mex Ribs and when I watched your show I thought that you added the marinade to tray with the ribs when cooking? I have your recipe but doesn't mention the marinade and what to do with it? Can you help, many thanks Kerry

    Pork Shoulder recipe 

    In your show (which is excellant) you said you were going to cook the Shoulder Low and Slow, in the recipe its cooked at 200 degrees for 1 1/2 to hours which conlicts with your narrative. Is the 200 and timing correct. The recipe says to use a cassarole dish but failed to advise if the cassarole is covered or uncovered. Should it be covered or uncovered.

    Knife Sharpener 

    Hi Adrian! Hope youare well. We watch your show with Janella & love it, also watch Secret Meat Business. I have seen you sharpening knives and would like your views on what is the best knife sharpener as I have just bought a lock set of Raco knives & would not like to dmage them. Also, please let us know when you & Janella would be doing a show in Williamstown as we live round the area & ould love to meet you both. Thanks & have a lovely day. Say Hi to Janella fos us please. Regards Althea


    Hi Adrian Love the show... your recipes are great. I just want to ask what brand is that oven (not the woodfired the other one) in the background of your kitchen and where did you get it??? Regards Lib

    Christmas entree 

    Would small serves of baked salmon with lemon and fresh asparagus be suitable for an entree on Christmas Day.


    Hi Adrian Firstly, just want to say the show is brilliant. Love the fact that you focus on flavour rather than all that "being healthy", nonsense. Food is for enjoying and I (we) like your style! I am Scottish, living in Melbourne for last 6 years and was amazed at your Haggis recipe. I have tried it and it was quality. Just wondering if you are planning to put it on the menu at your restaurant? Hope so as I have been before and really enjoyed it. I would have at least 20 hungry Jocks queued up to get in if you did! Can't get Haggis anywhere in Melbourne but suppose that doesn't matter now that we have the recipe. Rolled Lamb Shoulder with that French Potato recipe is top drawer. Keep it up mate, my Foxtel planner reads, "Secret Meat Business" - end of list! Cheers Scottish Fraternity.


    Can you answer me in all the languages from the countries you claim to come from why you are such a tool, Just call yourself Richo one more time eh!

    Braised Red Cabbage 

    Can I substitute something for red wine or red wine vinegar in braised red csbbage. Thanks Linda

    Adrian's Knife 

    Hi Adrian, Massive fan! What is the brand of your chef's knife you use in your episodes? I have never seen something so sharp. Thanks.

    Ingredients for your receipes 

    Hi Adrian I love the Dry Fried Szechuan shredded beef but I have a bit of problem as WHAT IS RED BEEF PASTE and where can I get it. Thank, can't wait for your reply to try this dish.

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