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Selena Gomez Sought Counselling after being Fat Shamed

Selena Gomez Sought Counselling after being Fat Shamed

Selena Gomez revealed that she turned to professional help to deal with the negative comments over her body.

Tessa James' New Health Mantra

The Aussie actress shares how her approach to health and wellbeing has changed, after her cancer diagnoses.

Your complete guide to aromatherapy and essential oils

By Sam SargentOn 3 Oct

Our Wellbeing Expert, Sam Sargent, shares simple aromatherapy tips and why it's important to use essential oils responsibly.

Gigi Hadid Hits Back at Body Shamers

Gigi Hadid addressed her haters in a heartwarming Instagram post.

7 Reasons Why Sleeping Naked is Good for You

We're always told that getting the right amount of sleep is vital to our wellbeing, but what if we told you that sleeping in the buff could produce additional health benefits? It's time to ditch the pyjamas and go nude.

11 Simple Ways to Become More Mindful

Think mindfulness is just for yogis or meditation masters or the new age set? Think again… Here are 11 ways you can integrate mindfulness easily into your life.

Study Reveals Age we are Most Happy in Life

What age are you the happiest? A recent report reveals the age most Aussies are satisfied with their lives, and some of the findings may surprise you.

Real Curves on the Catwalk at New York Fashion Week

Body-positive activist Ashley Graham led a group of full-figured models down the runway to launch her new lingerie collection at New York Fashion Week.

Selena Gomez Slams Body Shaming

Do you think Selena Gomez gained a little weight recently? Well, she did, and she’s doesn't care.

10 Internet Reactions to our New Prime Minister

No one expected a new Prime Minister in the short space of day, so naturally the Internet was abuzz with differing opinions and reactions. Here we share 10 of the best (and priceless) reactions from the web.

Discovering Wellness in Old Bali

Does the ‘Old Bali’ with it’s unspoilt natural beauty, tradition, magic and spirituality still exist on an island that has been all but swallowed up by package-deal tourism and beer-swilling Aussies? Happily, the answer is yes. Penelope Quinn gets back her Zen in Tembok, North Bali.