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Is this the most epic wedding video ever created?

Is this the most epic wedding video ever created?

While we have all seen our fair share of viral wedding videos, it seems this one takes the (wedding) cake!

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Shape

Does my bouquet look big in this? These top tips will help you pick a wedding dress that flatters your shape.

How to Choose Music for Your Wedding

Finding the right music for a wedding is not as simple as uploading your favourite playlist from your iPod. Here we look at the most important considerations, in the lead up to the big day.

12 Most Epic Wedding Disasters of All Time

The brides of these disasters hope that the old idiom 'the worse the wedding, the better the marriage' is true! Here is our list of the 12 most epic wedding disasters of all time.

One Fine Day Wedding Fair 2015

Looking for a refreshing alternative to the traditional bridal fair? Be sure to check out One Fine Day Wedding Fair!

5 Ways to Beat Sunburn

Skincare has never been so important with the warmer months ahead

Would you Take your Friends on your Honeymoon?

Forget the saying 'three's a crowd'. It seems a growing number of newlyweds are opting to take a group honeymoon aftyer their big day.

One Fine Day Wedding Fair – Sydney

Looking for a fresh, unique, creative and fun bridal fair? Be sure to check out One Fine Day Wedding Fair Sydney!

Bridal Dress breakdown - Ep 10

Find out more about the dresses featured in Episode 10 of Meet The Frockers and how different elements of the dress affect the price.

7 Awesome Trends to Heat Up Your Winter Wedding

Snowflakes and pinecones are cloche winter wedding motifs, but don't feel bound to these stereotypes.

5 Wedding Costs You Should Never Cut

Thanks to the growing popularity of budget advice blogs and Pinterest, wedding couples are cutting costs in all the wrong places - and the results are horrifying.