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Wife Swap Australia



Q&A with Yolanda Faber from Wife Swap Australia

How did Pentecostal Christian Yolanda deal with moving out of her comfort zone.

Q&A with Cindy Liggins from Wife Swap Australia

In episode 9 of Wife Swap Australia, Fashion Designer Cindy experiences family life in a Pentecostal Christian home

Q&A with Cherie Clark from Wife Swap Australia

Cherie must stop her clowning around as she moves into the strict Harding home.

Q&A with Michelle Harding from Wife Swap Australia

How did strict ‘white witch’ Michelle manage in Cherie Clark’s ‘no rules’ home.

Q&A with Tanya Driscoll from Wife Swap Australia

Pampered wife Tanya is thrown out of her comfort zone when she swaps with hard-working, circus performer Shannon West.

Q&A with Karin Wilkinson from Wife Swap Australia

How did motorbike-loving Karin fare in the super-clean Matikainen house

Q&A with Carey Matikainen from Wife Swap Australia

How did devout Christian Caray get on when she swaps homes with lesbian motercyclist Karin in episode 6.

Q&A with Marina Sivkova from Wife Swap Australia

How self-confessed 'Siberian Tiger Mum' dealt with swapping her mansion home for life on a bus.

Q&A with Kylie Mansell from Wife Swap Australia

In episode 4 of Wife Swap Australia, Kylie set about injecting fun into the Sivkova mansion.

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