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Underage & Pregnant

About the Show

About the Show

This confronting series goes behind the sensational headlines to discover what it’s really like to be Underage and Pregnant. Following a mix of schoolgirl mums and dads the teens tell their own story of how their lives are transformed from pregnancy to birth and life with a baby. Pregnancy has a massive affect on their world, from relationships with partners, friends and family to the impact on their education, body image and social life. In this exceptionally honest series the young mum’s admit their hopes, fears and struggles from juggling schoolwork to wondering how they will afford nappies on their pocket money budgets.


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Posted by Sophie514 • 31w ago • Report
Id just like to add that not once has anyone other then my partner looked after my baby except for 2 days while I was at hospital every other second my baby's been with me so we don't just give our baby's to our mums to raise
Posted by Sophie514 • 31w ago • Report
I can't believe the *** I seen on this show. I'm 18 and the mother of a beautiful 11 month old boy and he is my world, I'm in a very stable relationship with the father which I've been with for many years and we couldn't be any happier just because I'm a young mum doesn't mean I'm a bad one it's shows like this that makes society think that we are horrible mothers but in fact every single young mum I are all terrific mums
Posted by Vicki251 • 4y ago • Report
Ive never in all my life as a nurse or as a woman heard of a condom properly used breaking. And then for (ridiculously unlikely) situations like that we are fortunate enough to have 'the morning after pill' available... I think Suzanne is making a reasonable point... :)
Posted by • 3y ago • Report
This is to Belinda toth.
- you are an idiot! Ive recently turned 18 and am pregnant, i am with the father of my child which makes it a stable relationship. Just because your young doesn't mean that your not going to do a good job.
Posted by • 2y ago • Report
Hmmmm I don't think you actually read my comment properly
Posted by Marie-jean • 3y ago • Report
i watch that show and see the young teen mums some of them do it hard and some just let there mum take over and some of them i just what to tell them to grow up the baby is ur and it's time to wake up i'm trying not to sound harsh but i was a single teen mum i had my first a week after my 17th birthday and i had my own place and it was hard for me it made me grow up a hell of a lot i had my mums help but most of the time it was just me now i'm 24 with two kids and i thankful for having my first at a young age and i wouldn't change a thing and i do feel sorry for some of those young mum and even there mums
Posted by • 3y ago • Report
i am as well im having 20 lol
Posted by • 3y ago • Report
i like babies i want to be like the duggars i want 20 of them
Posted by • 3y ago • Report
My sis is five months pregnant, working full time and is married. Isn't that the way you're supposed to do it? Holy ... it scares me that this show is actually a reality. I'm 37 with no kids because I don't think that I should have kids out of a stable relationship!!!!
Posted by • 3y ago • Report
I think beccy is such a spoiled brat and should never have had sex let alone a baby. Her child is overweight as is she and she doesn't love her son at all. She should have him taken away from her it's not like she wants him any way. She is so selfish and there are plenty of people who will take care of her responsibilities for her because she's too selfish to do it her self. Her age is nothing to do with it she is just a horrible excuse for a mother and the child deserves better. He'll stand a chance of having a good life if he is taken away from her!