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The Hotel Inspector

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About the Show

Award-winning hotelier Alex Polizzi is on a quest to salvage some of Britain's worst-run hotels and bed and breakfast establishments. As the granddaughter of Lord Forte and the niece of Sir Rocco Forte, Alex has all the industry experience and authority needed to turn flagging hotels into profitable ventures. In this brand new series of The Hotel Inspector,

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Posted by Karen • 3y ago • Report
Why can't we buy all the old series on DVD????? I only started watching The Hotel Inspector this year and love it and would love to see all of the old ones.
Posted by katiegrace • 3y ago • Report
the time is listed by clicking the episodes link.
Posted by • 3y ago • Report
A great show, i wish there were more televised.
Posted by sick little cupcake • 3y ago • Report
I think Alex is a crack up!
Posted by Dianne • 3y ago • Report
I agree. I couldn't find it. Poor website design.