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About the Show

Today’s ruthless housing market is not for the fainthearted. If moving house is the aim, then Selling Houses is the ultimate guide for the new property generation.

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dvd at
Posted by MaddalenaReport
I like Andrew Winter, he is brutal and honest with his clients and on a couple of occassions he has hit the nail on the head. People have asked for his help but really didn't want to sell, they just wanted the makeover. Andrew knew this to be the case after they got their makeover done, by refusing to sell because they felt their house was worth more.
Most times when selling you have to do all the jobs you haven't finished in order just to get the best price for your home. Just because you finish those things shouldn't mean you get more for your house. It means you finally finished all those jobs and your house is now ready for resale.
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My home is on the outskirts of Surfers Paradise in a million dollar housing area but I have tried to sell my very large duplex four times with no success. It is unusual in that the property is two duplexes one on top of the other; not side by side. On development land for three $900 villas. Inside my duplex is very saleable with three oversize bedrooms and a terrific backyard but the front of the property is "ugly". I am begging you to come and help me, please. Robyn Corbel at 0450587611 or robyncorbel @
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I realy like your show and your team is very good.Also you have a great sense of humor.
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I need help. I have a small fibro house on a large block of land in the inner city of Sydney. The area has become really popular but I seem unable to sell the house. I have been trying the house close to two years now, I've reluctently reduced the price quite a lot but still no luck. Developers want the land cheap and house hunters want the house cheap because it's small and unrenovated. No one seems to see it as a whole. I think it's quaint and many people have commented on how sweet it is. I just don't know what the problem is. Please help so much depends on me selling and for a good price to cover all my debts. If I can't sell I'll have no choice but to borrow more money and add an extra bedroom to let it at all as it's only a one bedroom house. I need to some income from the property as I have a mortgage no to mention the land tax and other rates. Would appreciate your help. Thank you Francesca Bayley
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Have you thought about why it is not selling? Is the price you seek comparable with other unrenovated properties (1BR) on similar sized blocks? Perhaps there is a way to sell to cover your debts and agree to receive a % of any profit that is made, after redevelopment,at an agreed time. With the market being uncertain (down), people may not be willing to pay a premium price for a property that has a small rental return and a lot to be spent to upgrade it.
Posted by TraceyReport
We have a property on acreage 30 minutes from Brisbane city 4 bedrooms fully renovated but has been on the market for 5 months with no offers. can you help we are looking at moving to the bay for a life change.
Posted by MandyReport
Dear Andrew please help we are stuck in a 70 year old house with a leaky roof with $ 60,000 worth of tree root damage caused by a council tree .. We are at a point where we want to sell but we will lose to much to when buyers walk to the front door and see our cracks is there a cheaper option to fix or is underpinning our only choice ?? We have tried Uretek but it was too vbigger job for them !!
Posted by Jackie131Report
I'm addicted to the show and find Andrew very believable. I would love to know what do I have to do to get help with my home. I'm 78 and on my own. I'm desperate to sell to enable me to give my 90+ year old husband half for him to move on. I tried with an agent once, but it didn't sell. It's such a pretty home but needs a little makeover. Help! help! help! help!
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Dear Andrew I love your show so much that I told all my friends now they are like me love your show so much.I have a beautiful home over looking a large lake. large drive way large garden.I call my home the garden of eden as I have 2 girls and I love having friend and theirs kids over.where mums relax and chille out and dads can go fishing on the lakes while the kids play lots of games run around have lots of fun.It a 3 bedroom home that can be turned into an 7 bedroom home on the water. Buyers are coming but want us to sell for a very low price. It so hard when units are selling in my area for the price people are wanting to buy my house for.I know deep in my heart if you came to my home you would get it sold. I have 2 younge childern and I need a good price to be able to buy something for me and my 2 younge childern. you are my last chance in getting the right price for my beautiful home as I know you will see the petition my home has to offer it breaks my heart to have to let my home go but I know I have to sell it. I'm tired of people coming thru my home and offering me such low offers knowing it worth a lots more.The house has been on the market 9 months now.I beleive in my heart you are the guy I need to come have a look at my home see what you think my mob 0410211297 if you could give me a call.I have seen on your show what a bit of paint and doing the garden up can make a differance. I have done all this to my house.All my friends keep saying to me why dont I send you a email as I was always telling them about your show. I kept saying no I don't want to be on tv as im very camera shy but now I don't mind as I want to let all the people who have come to have a look at my home see what a great job you and your team can do and get my home sold. thank you hope to hear back from you as you are my last hope. Jacinta.