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The LifeStyle Channel’s most loved of all shows is back in a brand new, super-sized series featuring 13 episodes culminating in a final, Victorian country pub special.  This series is chock full of the most desperate ever home owners, some up to their eyeballs in debt, others trying to sell odd properties with features that scare off buyers in droves. 

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Posted by Laura941 • 7d ago • Report
When the show advises home owners of the amount of money the will have to contribute for renovations to get their home up to scratch for sale, could you please advise if this is cost of materials and labour. Do the tradesmen charge normal rates or do they provide discounted services for advertising. I ask so that I can gauge what I may need to spend for work I need completed. Would it be possible for the show to provide a costing to viewers either during the show or at the end for work done. I think this would be of great benefit. Thanks.
Posted by D'Arne2 • 21d ago • Report
Selling Homes Australia needs to be more responsible on the home improvements products they recommend using on the show. I had my bath tub resurfaced which is often shown in the program. The result is a surface that is very difficult to clean, you are told to use enviroment friendly products which take half an hour to clean the surface and now after two years, eventhough I have followed the directions, the surface has spilt in parts of it. I am very disappointed the program shows products that are a burden and waste people's money. Even worse I have just rung the service provider and they told me they no resurface eventhough it has a warrranty. I will though be taking it further. I would of replaced the bath had I not watched this on the show.
Posted by Resurfacing Australia • 21d ago • Report
We do the Resurfacing on Selling Houses Australia and after a bath is Resurfaced, it is easier to clean. When we Resurface, our coating is a new layer over what is normally a stained/damaged/porous surface. You can find your local Resurfacing Australia Approved member by emailing

We recommend a non abrasive cleaner so as to not scratch the surface. This is the same for a new bath surface.

Resurfacing is great value for money, and replacing a bath involves other costs such as tiling, plumbing, building, new tiles and fittings.
Posted by Sharon1300 • 21d ago • Report
Selby Vic - Three words "UNGRATEFUL WHINGING POMS". BTW - Andrew is honest, not cruel!
Posted by Samantha567 • 21d ago • Report
Hi. I love your show but I feel I must let you know about one aspect that really bothers me. Most people who are on your show have asked for your assistance because they need help to sell a home due to financial or health issues. It distresses me that Andrew is so incredibly cruel in his assessment of these homes - Andrew, these houses are people's 'castles', whether you like them or not, and I feel so sad for them when Andrew is so critical of homes they obviously love and have to sell. You can see the hurt in their eyes. Please don't kick them when they are already down. Otherwise an amazing show and I love the transformations that Shayna and Charlie achieve.
Posted by Sharon1300 • 21d ago • Report
Andrew is 'incredibly' honest! Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Posted by David1238 • 26d ago • Report
You know you're going to far with the sob stories when a grown man is in tears because his job prevents him from seeing his kids. HE'S A BUTCHER WORKING DOWN THE ROAD. Unbelievable. You'd swear he was being shipped out to Iraq. There was nothing wrong with the format there was no need to introduce this ***. His wife was also deeply unpleasant.
Posted by Dianne476 • 5w ago • Report
I watched one of your shows recently, in WA. I couldn't believe how much negative emphasis you put on the dogs in the back yard. The chickens were just as bad and probably more smelly! If this young lady hadn't been so lazy about taking responsibility for exercising her dogs outside the property, it wouldn't have been so Bad! Not a good look for people who have dogs and are wanting to Rent homes.
Posted by Michelle2380 • 5w ago • Report
Andrew is my mentor, Shaynna is my goddess, Charlie is my hero!
Congratulations on winning! Well deserved!
Posted by Denise ` • 5w ago • Report
I usually enjoy and learn a great deal from your show but I was completely disgusted with your Western Australian episode. Asbestos! you just hid it. As a mother of 3 who lost her husband to asbestos cancer, this is unforgiveable. You don't hide asbestos ever, you safely remove it especially if you are marketing to a family. SHAME ON YOU AND SHAME ON THOSE WHO IGNORE THIS INSIDIOUS CANCER.