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Season 2!

Join host Paul West and his furry friend Digger as they experience their first summer in idyllic Tilba!

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28 December 3:30pm

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Find out how you can recreate all the amazing recipes from the show at home.

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28 December 3:30pm

Paul at the Markets

Join Paul West on the road with Subaru as he explores some of Australia's best grower's markets.

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Find out more about the real star of River Cottage Australia - Digger the Dog!

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Paul West at the Markets: Slow Food

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In the first season of River Cottage Australia, Paul West only scratched the surface of the farm’s potential. During his time he tapped into a handful of people who shared his passion for food, farming & sustainable living. In this series he’s ready to take on even bigger challenges. His aim is to expand the farm from a smallholding to a viable small farm, edging closer to self-sufficiency.

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Paul West
Paul West

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Posted by Kerrie407 • 10d ago • Report
I really enjoy watching. I have learned so much and am looking forward to seeing more. I myself am trying to become more self suffiencent even though I live in town. I am trying to learn how to make my own cheese and a preserve what I can for future use. Not just for me but my family as well.
Posted by Giselle14 • 6w ago • Report
Love the show River Cottage and was so happy to meet Paul at the recent Eden Whale Festival. Look forward to more shows.
Posted by Judy487 • 25w ago • Report
My husband and I bought 30 acres in Central Queensland, we are trying to be as self-sufficient as possible. We have Boer goats cleaning up the block, they are great weed exterminators. Chickens for eggs, ducks, geese and turkeys, but we are wanting some beat chickens, what are the best for CQ, that will tolerate the heat? Keep up the good work, we enjoy watching the show to see what you will do next
Posted by Lee367 • 25w ago • Report
I have.
Posted by Lee367 • 25w ago • Report
I have been watching River Cottage from the beginning, when Hugh used to catch eels in the creek beside his first house. He has always conducted himself with dignity & intelligence. It is truly disappointing that in the Australian version we have to reveal our chronic national self-consciousness and abhorrence of any sign of intellectualism, through incessant and exaggerated blokey language, with everyone being called "mate" at every opportunity, and use of other lowest-common-denominator colloquialisms. It makes me cringe, and I hate to think of the impression it will give if ever shown in the UK or elsewhere. We are not all like that. Having a certain level of education and expertise should be demonstrated with refinement and pride.
Posted by Mick144 • 6w ago • Report
agree with Judy if you don't like the ways we aussies speak and do things then don't watch it MATE.Who cares what the English think,we can not all be educated at Eton with Kings and Prince's like Hugh.
Posted by Judy487 • 25w ago • Report
If you don't like the show STOP Watching.
Posted by Chris1035 • 26w ago • Report
Best on tv, a feel good show. Great career you have there Paul!
Posted by Steven319 • 26w ago • Report
Paul, great show, but your lilly pilly champagne recipe doesn't say when to add yeast, etc.. Can only assume it is prior to covering with muslin cloth. Pretty important step.
Posted by Bridget127 • 27w ago • Report
What? Are you all mad?!!! River Cottage Australia is terrible and Paul West is absolutely painful as a host. He is awkward on camera and so bland..... It is such a shame as the British River Cottage is fab.
Don't even get me started on the lame hipster beard!