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River Cottage Australia

Join host Paul West in his inspirational quest to create his own River Cottage in idyllic Tilba.

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1 May 8:30pm

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From Pumpkin Scones to Wild Rabbit, recreate the dishes cooked up by Paul West in every episode.

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How to Construct a Veggie Garden

Thinking of putting a veggie patch in your own part of Australia? Follow these tops tips from Paul and Hugh.

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River Cottage Australia

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Fifteen years ago, Englishman Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall embarked on an experiment in sustainability and self-sufficiency. He moved to a cottage on a small land-holding in Dorset, and set about learning how to grow his own produce, raise livestock - and become part of a community where sharing not only knowledge, but the fruits of farm labour, were an important part of life.

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Posted by Bronwyn77 • 22d ago • Report
When is the show returning????. My hubby and I got excited the other day when we saw it on fox but it was re-runs. Its one of our favourite shows.
Posted by Dawn26 • 11w ago • Report
Love the show. Even though I live in Far North Queensland I still get inspiration and enthusiasm every time I watch. You are living the dream. More of Digger the dog as he is a true star. Thanks.
Posted by Paula15 • 14w ago • Report
Sorry Paul, how is Digger?
Posted by Paula15 • 14w ago • Report
Just a little message for Ed, stick your head in the tropical sand Ed, this is an Australian show, Paul is fantastic, with added notes from Hugh from the UK River Cottage, also fantastic. The Tilba area is a beautiful part of Australia and although for the most part the recipes are local there may be the addition of a few Asian dishes, we all love a night out at our favourite Chinese/Thai restaurant but this show is LOCAL!! And our culture!!! Keep it up Paul, love the first series and looking forward to the next. Is Hugh coming over again, I just loved his face when he tried to dig the veggie patch with a spade. I think he is enjoying the differences. Thanks for a great show.
Posted by Maxine33 • 22w ago • Report
First off love the series.... Look forward to the next. We live not far as the crow flies from Tilba Tilba. Just north a bit in lovely Milton. A comment to ED in Thailand. This show is about bringing food, produce from the land you live on .....and immediately around you to the table. So why in the hell would you want him to travel to places hours and hours away to produce a dish to put on the table..... Don't go to the Sydney fish Market. Why would you when you have waters closer to you to be able to catch it yourself. I don't know how much you know about where Tilba Tilba is ...but it it is not far from the ocean ...nor is it far from some great waterholes to catch a variety of sea food to be cooked........ You mention Mures..... That is in bloody hobart ( involving a plane flight) and whilst it is a great place for a feed it has nothing whatsoever to do with the very essence of what this series is about...... Produce more Sophisticated dishes.... YOU SAY .................. Paul has produced some great dishes full of flavour and freshness. You want more sophisticated ...leave it up to the chefs in restaurants after hat rating..... Who incidentally half of them wouldn't know how to look after a cow, sheep, chooks to bring to the table fresh. They get them in from their suppliers. ..... I love this show..... Freshness, new ideas about what to do with what you have on hand. Great work . Look foprward to the next series........ and Hugh watch yours too
Posted by Dave22 • 30w ago • Report
River cottage Aus Message To ED of Thailand Grab your pack of winnies and lay back and grab a 4xxxx enjoy your resort your suffering a tropical fever mate.
sophistication and Hoges just don't go together and Paul is doing just Great I'm sure your a bit an ol frt or maybe you better get out a bit and hava look around Australia especially in sticks their is absolutely stacks happening around our country rural regions and I'm VERY glad to say The rural regions Are doing a better Job with food than city folk absolutely wonderful and the variety of local produce is outstanding city slickers are to busy thinking about their bottom dollar rather the attraction
Posted by Maxine33 • 22w ago • Report
Ed has missed the very essence of what the show is about. Glad he is still enjoying it though as it is a great series.
Posted by Jane64 • 31w ago • Report
Hi Paul
I love the show and am looking forward to the next season. My vegetable patches are now starting to produce and the whole family is looking forward to the benefits.
Posted by Kathy275 • 32w ago • Report
Hi Paul,
my whole family is addicted to your show. We now all have dreams of getting our own river cottage and learning from you how to run it.Can't wait for the next season. We are familiar with the Tilba region and you couldn't have chosen a more beautiful place to live. Good luck with your show.
Posted by Christopher17 • 33w ago • Report
i really enjoyed the aussie show thanks.i have watched river cottage since its started with hughs uk series
r/c is insperational we need more shows like this
again thanks