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Mob Wives

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About the Show

Mob Wives is a docu-soap series that follows the lives of four women at a crossroads, having to pick up the pieces and carry on while their husbands or fathers do time for alleged Mob-related activities. They are struggling with their identities, their own families and their futures. The women are long-time friends who live in New York City's “forgotten borough”; Staten Island.

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Posted by Stella32 • 11d ago • Report
Where is season 4?! I keep getting spoilers on my Facebook and I'm dying to see it
Posted by • 2y ago • Report
when does season 2 air in australia?
Posted by • 2y ago • Report
tues tonight
Posted by • 2y ago • Report
Does anyone know when it starts ???
Posted by • 2y ago • Report
i love it too drita is the best
Posted by • 2y ago • Report
viper111 .i love drita shes da brst
Posted by • 2y ago • Report
OMG Drita is such a fool and should get of the drugs because she is not as good as she says she is.. "When i hit someone ambulance are called" LMFTO.. Yeah right! She tries to act all tough but the *** is useless.. LMFTO! She does look like a drag queen maybe she does have balls...
Posted by Anna269 • 2y ago • Report
Renae, face amount of surgery is going to make you look good. God get your *** together, you live in a different world. If you need to rely on hubby or daddy for your excuse for personality and bad behaviour, you are screwed.
Posted by • 2y ago • Report
yeah your a *** lol and obz has no **** either.. haha atleast not a very big one.
and DRITA, dritas a mad ***!
Posted by • 1y ago • Report
best show ever !!!!