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Mark Berg's Fishing Addiction

About the Show

About the Show

In this exclusive Australian production, fishing expert Mark Berg visits some of the best fishing destinations around to chase a wide variety of fish. Mark’s passion for fishing began at a very early age and he is captured by the sport, as it can never really be mastered. Mark believes that with fishing, learning never stops and the fascination with capturing a new fish species or developing a new technique never ceases.

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Posted by Kathryn694 •11d ago • Report
Hello. Do you know, I would LOVE to cook one of those beauties ... and the new love in my life would love to help you catch it. His name is Chappie and he REALLY wants to come on your show. Keen as mustard. And I'm keen as mustard on him. And some mustard could be good with the salad dressing next to a whole baked snapper stuffed with lime, coriander and ... oh my goodness. Did I mention how much I like Chappie and that's why I'm here?
Posted by Roger156 •8w ago • Report
Hi Mark, watch your show and really enjoy it. Life has been so hard over the past 10 yrs, I've had to overcome some really testing times, I've lost a child, had open heart surgery and a few knee reconstructions. I still enjoy life and love my fishing.....I get knocked down but some how get back up. I'm 38 and I've had to do and see things that I should not have had to. My life is surrounded by my lovely family, I would do anything for them and they are my life. I suppose I am asking my dream is to catch either massive Marlin or the big Tuna. Please I know that you probably get 1000's of these messages but hopefully you read this and it gets you knocking on my door. Can't wait to hear from you...keep up the shows and love watching your show...
Posted by Molly147 •19w ago • Report
Hi mark,
My boyfriend is a fishing fanatic. His crazy about it, he used to fish every day until other things come up, but whenever he gets the chance his out on the water. I asked him where would he like to move when we eventually leave our local town, he said he doesn't mind as long as there is water to fish in.
We are currently watching your show & he said god I'd love to do that it would be amazing one of my biggest dreams that I know I won't ever get the chance to do. So I thought I'd jump on & try my luck by nominating him to make ho dream come true!
Thank you, Molly Rosewarne
Posted by Russell191 •21w ago • Report
Hi Mark,
I work with my mate Gary who is the biggest fishing fanatic. He takes his three teenage sons fishing at local spots or away to find and try out new fishing spots most weekends and holidays. He's the only guy I know who stays out fishing to long during the night and gets moon burn.
Because Gary is addicted to fishing and also being a top bloke I would love to nominate him to participate on your show, who knows you and your team might learn a trick or two off him.
I know his favourite fish to catch is the allusive Jew fish, and his passion is to go deep sea fishing to catch a variety of fish. So if you could see your way and put him out of his misery and take him out would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by Richard547Report
Hello Mark. My name is Helen Milne and I would like to nominate my husband Richard for a trip on your show. Richard has been suffering with many ailments for over 15 years and is on a disability pension. His biggest health issue is a degenerative arthritic bone disease for which he has had one back operation, and his left knee replaced. He always remains cheerful and is actively involved in his local Men's shed. Richard's one greatest wish is to catch a barramundi. Given our financial status on the pension, and living in lower NSW, this is unlikely for him to be able to do. He loves watching your show and I know he would be extremely happy for a chance to go out fishing with you. He needs some good stuff just now as he is going through some tough times. Hope you can help? Thanks for your consideration even if it's not possible to help.
Posted by hineReport
Hi Mark. Awesome Show. I would like to nominate my husband Matthew Knauth.
Matts passion for fishing began like yours, at a very early age. Matt has a general love of fishing. Fishing runs deep in his veins and he would love to take up the challenge and catch that big GT he's seen others catch. Words cannot explain how hard and how much he works and comes home to our special needs children which are our life. Having an opportunity to fish with you and your crew would be a trip of a life time that we would never ever forget. It would be magic.
Posted by Krystal222Report
I'm writing to nominate my father Michael Davies to join U on a fishing adventure as he has always worked 6-7 days a week to support our family n for the past 10 years he has been caring for his mother who has dementia & lives with him. As well as caring for his Mum he also helps out quiet a lot with 2 Grandchildren that live with my parents full time so with all of that going on he doesn't get alot of time for himself & that's why it would be a dream come true & would definitely put a smile on his face & a memory he will never forget and I know winning this fishing adventure would definately do that so please pick my dad it would mean the world to him & myself and can't think of anyone else who deserves it more then him as he is always looking after everyone else & never putting himself 1st !
Posted by Sharon1802Report
I am writing to nominate my son who is 13 to join you on a fishing adventure. Until you meet my son the word addiction has no real meaning. The irony of his addiction is that I grew up fishing with my dad who was, you guessed it,;addicted. As a country boy my dad learnt from locals and Aboriginal people how, where to fish and also to respect the environment. My dad went on to be a businessman who still managed to be addicted to fishing whenever he had a chance to " wet a line". My dad would encourage the local deli owner, the doctor and who ever would join him " to try their luck". Dad made many friends by adopting them and teaching them how to fish various locations. Some have gone onto to write articles and own tackle shops. My father in retirement commenced writing books on fishing, contributed to magazines, (pen name Richard Allan), was a regular presenter to ABC radio and much more. My father's bush background led him to establish and be the founding president of Native Fish Australia which has had a huge impact on ensuring native Australian fish have a future. Sadly, my son never got to meet his grandfather who died from melanoma shortly after retiring to fish and write more.
If ever there was a reincarnation of the spirit and passion for fishing, my son is it. Glenn now has the legacy of his grandfather through his books but has never had that chance to have a mentor to share the tips and joy of that innate addiction. I would love for my son to know what that is as. I had it with my father. Sharon
Posted by Neil272Report
Hi Mark I would like to nominate my lovely wife to do a fishing trip with you. She moved to Australia from China about four years ago where upon I introduced her to fishing. Well now the hook has been set, she wants nothing more than to explore and fish this wonderful country. Unfortunately with my work commitments I cannot give her the time or the companionship, but I love nothing more than knowing she has had a great time exploring, fishing and making new friends.
Posted by Thi YungReport
I would like to nominate my partner Dale who is the kindest manI know. He is always there for everyone else and although says "I need to go fishing" but seldom does as he spends most weekends selfishly doing jobs and good deeds for others. His life at late has had a few setbacks with the loss of 3 close friends in a short period , but he still manages to be a non complaining person. He really needs a great fishing trip to let him spend some time for him. I know he will be overwhelmed .