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About the Show

A publishing sensation and radio star, Shannon Lush is the author of best-selling books Spotless, Speed Cleaning and How to Be Comfy. In this series, Shannon will combine her unique know-how with a mission to instil domestic wellbeing and happiness – she wants nothing more than to transform the homes of the nation. Each week, one family or household receives the Shannon Lush treatment. These are people who need her help to get their lives and homes in order. They are literally in a mess. Lush House is no snap your fingers make-over show. The household has to make the transformation themselves, Shannon is there as mentor and ‘font of all knowledge’. Over 10 episodes Shannon will help all types of Australian households change the way they live. Shannon’s simple, non-toxic approach to cleaning and household management will enable viewers to discover everything they ever wanted to know about remedying domestic disasters and deliver valuable take-away tips that will SAVE time, money and the planet. If you are in search of domestic bliss, if you long for a house, and a life, that is clean, tidy and calm, but haven’t got the time, knowledge, family support or the organisational skills, this series will have the solution.

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Posted by Magda19 • 6w ago • Report
HELP! Shannon, do you have any suggestions on how to get motor oil stains out of clothing? I did my own oil change the other day and got oil on my hat and on the sleeve of my sweatshirt. I'd really like to remove the stain or at best, the smell....any ideas? It would be greatly appreciated!!
Posted by Jay98 • 8w ago • Report
Awesome show!!! I found it on Hulu, it would be nice if it were broadcast in the States but then the chemical cleaner companies wouldn't have product to sell. Building a Cleaning Kit this week then trying it out.
Posted by Laura860 • 14w ago • Report
Where has this show been all my life? If only you were in the US! Thank GOD for HULU Plus is all I have to say! *My hubby is a hoarder...we married 3 years work has been cut out for me to say the least!* LOVE the show!
Posted by Lenesse • 14w ago • Report
Shannon, please help. My daughter has black mud on a dry clean only top. The care instruction state do not wash in water,. It is a 97% Polyester 3% Elastane fabric. I have had it dry cleaned, stains still there.
Please help!
Posted by Adrienne10 • 20w ago • Report
I am looking for a solution for a white film across my laminex in my son/s bathroom. the area at the back of the basin and taps, Can you suggest any reasons or solution for this please?
Posted by Patricia142 • 28w ago • Report
i would like the recipe to the car wash that I thought I remembered but can't quite remember please.
Posted by Kate269 • 29w ago • Report
A red throw has bled red dye in places onto my cream woven fabric sofa. Any suggestions for how to remove the dye. It's left a red hue in places.
Posted by Louise147 • 30w ago • Report
Is there anyone out there that can help with my question of this morning???
Posted by Louise147 • 30w ago • Report
my husband spilt food grease on a new pair of navy trousers before they had there first wash. They are "Cotton Purma Blue" how can I get this stain out?
Posted by Michelle445 • 32w ago • Report
Having a problem ridding my apartment of gnats; have tried the vinegar trick but there still a bother. Any suggestions. Thanks.