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Series 3 is here! Learn more and get exclusive property advice from the hosts.

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Tonight 9:30pm

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Veronica Morgan and Bryce Holdaway are two of Australia's leading real estate experts.

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Tonight 9:30pm

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In the returning series of this popular Australian property program, hosts and buyers’ agents Veronica Morgan and Bryce Holdaway are on a mission to make property dreams come true.

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Posted by Michelle2482 • 3d ago • Report
Can anyone tell me what day and time the newest series is showing at the moment
Posted by Michelle2679 • 5w ago • Report
Gosh this series has had, sorry to say, but really boring house hunters. You can see the presenters pulling at hens teeth to try and get any emotion or response from these buyers. They must roll their eyes a lot! Still love the show though- thanks, and keep it coming.
Posted by Dianne12 • 7w ago • Report
Why don't the producers edit some of the derogatory comments made by so many of the buyers? They are looking over peoples much loved homes but cannot see past the décor. If you don't like it, say nothing. Don't ridicule other peoples taste and insult their homes.
Posted by Melissa1520 • 45w ago • Report
Are you planning on doing another series? We're currently house hunting and have about 8 weeks until my job changes from permanent to casual and we won't be able to get a mortgage. Thanks to a picky husband we haven't found anything. I'm at level 5, curl up in the fetal position stressed at the moment!
Posted by LifeStyle YOU • 35w ago • Report
Hi Melissa, Yes indeed we are doing another series! You can apply here - Good luck!
Posted by Beverley30 • 50w ago • Report
Has the latest series finished??? I went to watch tonight but...not on!!
Posted by Alan196 • 51w ago • Report
To Shaun and Kelly,
This has nothing to do with your house etc.
I felt I had to write to you after seeing your commitment to your friend - Liam.
Just wanted to suggest that Liam - if his condition is due to spinal bruising and/or scar tissue formation - might be able to regain some feeling in his legs and possibly even walk again if he had stem cell treatment and intensive rehab.
I suggest you google the stem cell institute in panama. This might seem out of left field but it is a serious suggestion. I have been there and seen very positive outcomes in varioius debilitating conditions. Its not cheap - my guess around $5k for treatment and then add on accommodation - 4 weeks - and airfair say $6k for 2 people at least. I have no interest in this clininc other than I know people treated there and who benefitted. happy to talk at any time. Alan
Posted by LLLA • 51w ago • Report
Hi Alan, will pass this message onto Shaun & Kelly and hope it will be of help.
Thanks for taking the time to post it.
Cheers, Veronica
Posted by Joanne350 • 1y ago • Report
Hi guys love the show, but this series is getting on my nerves seems to be the same type of people with the big money to spend could you please mix it up a bit not everyone have over 1 million dollars to spend
Posted by LLLA • 51w ago • Report
Wow this is a common theme - please remember a few lower budgets we had - like in Newcastle and Cairns.
Thanks for watching. Cheers, Veronica