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Series 8 Episode Guide

Series 8 · Episode 1

Join Paul Worsteling as he travels the continent of Australia in search of the ultimate angling experience. Sit back and relax as Paul catches a multitude of freshwater and saltwater fish and get hints along the way!

Series 8 · Episode 2

Join Paul Worsteling as he travels the continent of Australia in search of the ultimate angling experience. Sit back and relax as Paul catches a multitude of freshwater and saltwater fish and get hints along the way!

Series 8 · Episode 3

Join Paul Worsteling as he travels the continent of Australia in search of the ultimate angling experience. Sit back and relax as Paul catches a multitude of freshwater and saltwater fish and get hints along the way!

Series 8 · Episode 4

This cracking episode is set on the beautiful Edward River where, with a host of local experts, Paul goes in search of the mighty Murray Cod. Wait till you see what really gets Paul's heart racing - and he's in a kayak for the fight!

Series 8 · Episode 5

Paul crosses the Tasman to the land of the Long White Cloud, Wild Brown Trout and gin-clear rivers. For Paul it's the stuff dreams are made of, dry-fly, sight-casting for monster browns!!

Series 8 · Episode 6

Paul is joined by the winner of the IFISH Apprentice Competition from last year, Tom Hughes. Tom gets to host the show and they both learn some new tricks, as their quest for Barra and Toga takes them out to sea.

Series 8 · Episode 7

Paul, Cristy and Jet have the adventure of a lifetime. They are Heli-fishing with chopper pilot and fisho extraordinaire, Mark Rolle from Darwin's Helifish, and its gold the whole way.

Series 8 · Episode 11

IFISH is set on the South Island of New Zealand amongst towering mountains and crystal clear rivers. Paul jumps at the chance to fine tune his fly fishing skills with a local trout guide as they go in search of the elusive Brown Trout.

Series 8 · Episode 12

In the pursuit of science this week, Paul dons a lab coat and together with Dr Corey Green we get a rare insight into the world of the Southern Calamari and learn how this popular species will be managed sustainably for future generations.

Series 8 · Episode 13

Paul's back in the Northern Territory where he's joined by Shane Compain. They hit the Mary River system in search of the iconic Territory Barra. It's a day of surprises and rewards, seeing that chrome come up through the water is gold!

Series 8 · Episode 14

Paul is using his favourite soft plastic and some great local fishing advice from Frank Milito. Paul finds the waters of the Mitchell River, the perfect location for southern barra and hauled himself out of bed early to get rewards!

Series 8 · Episode 15

One place Paul has always wanted to fish is the Abrolhos Islands off the Australian coast, and this week that dream comes true. Paul heads out to this group of 122 Islands and catches what is arguably the best eating fish on the planet.

Series 8 · Episode 16

Paul and his son Jet, have a great family day, fishing off the Darwin coast. This show is all about taking kids fishing, having heaps of fun, throwing the rule book out and just going with the flow.

Series 8 · Episode 17

Paul heads to Safety Beach, Victoria where he goes fishing with a very special boy, Travis Reardon, who through the Starlight Children's Foundation, made a wish of a lifetime and we helped it come true!

Series 8 · Episode 18

Paul hooks up with his ole mate Hal Harvey and his son Jack, in Western Australia's south west region, the home of trout fishing in WA. Joined by local Magoo Coombes, they do some 'wand waving' with Rainbows in their sight.

Series 8 · Episode 19

What started as a Snook session turned into a kings everywhere session! Join Paul to see a man who loves his tucker turn down a meal, because the fishing was that darn good! So many fish, even the cameraman caught one!

Series 8 · Episode 20

Cristy and Paul are aboard the True North, and get to experience a spectacular week's fishing and exploring in what is one of the world's last great wilderness areas and one of Western Australia's greatest natural assets - the Kimberley.

Series 8 · Episode 21

With Paul's StabiCraft in tow he arrives in Lakes Entrance to team up with Tony Kemna for some local Gippsland knowledge. After crossing the Bar, they head out into Bass Strait, and in Paul's sights is arguably the best known eating fish.

Series 8 · Episode 22

All the excitement of the day is based around the Mandorah Jetty, just a ferry from Darwin. Cristy gets a gold star for her huge effort in landing what was the catch of the day! Northern Territory, land based fishing, you gotta love it!

Series 8 · Episode 23

One of the most important issues for fisho's should be the conservation and preservation of marine wildlife. To that end this week, Tackle World has put up the bucks for a state of the art satellite tag as they set out to tag a billfish.

Series 8 · Episode 24

IFISH goes international as Paul hits the Florida Keys in search of a life-long angling dream, the mighty Swordfish. He teams up with Captain Nick and they embark on a wild ride in some nasty conditions. Will Paul land his first sword?

Series 8 · Episode 25

This weekend on IFISH Paul is fishing with Dr. John Conallin, who specialises in the flow of rivers and he knows a lot about fish! Its Murray Cod country and they hit the Billabong Creek, as they go in search of the Mighty Murray Cod.

Series 8 · Episode 26

Paul and his Dad have spent lots of special times over the years fishing together, and this week they are at the Abrolhos Islands off WA. They share the fun of landing one of Western Australia's most iconic fish - a first for Paul!

Series 8 · Episode 29

Paul returns to the beautiful Northern Territory this week. It doesn't take long until they get lucky and find themselves caught up in the frenzy of a jack attack. A great days fishing, in Australia's amazing Top End!

Series 8 · Episode 30

IFISH is set in the magnificent Margaret River area where Paul is a man on a mission. From the trout rich rivers of Manjimup, to the rolling vineyards of Leeuwin Estate, Paul gets to savour the delights of his early morning angling.

Series 8 · Episode 31

It's over to the other side of the world where Paul teams up with Capt John Johansen in the Florida Keys. Paul sees a fish he has never even heard of before. Whether it's Oz or the US - it's always good to be fishin!

Series 8 · Episode 32

In the fish rich waters off South Australia's Pearson Island, Paul's aboard Why Not Fishing Charters. His fishing mate is Jamie Crawford. Tune in to see if Paul can catch a monster fish on a kid's combo.

Series 8 · Episode 33

It's another great adventure and Paul has Cristy and Jet along for the ride. They are on the largest sand island in the world, Queensland's amazing, Fraser Island. Its land based fishing at its best with some fun 4 x 4 action too.

Series 8 · Episode 34

Paul is joined by two ladies, who have the most fun you can have, with Jacks in your sights whilst using a very different Gear of Choice! Their backdrop is the magnificent Kimberley Region in Western Australia.

Series 8 · Episode 35

After travelling 10,000 miles to the other side of the world, Paul finally arrives at the Sea of Cortez on the Baja Peninsula, Mexico. On his quest for a mighty fish he was helped by a wonderful local character and expert guide.

Series 8 · Episode 36

Paul is in the fish rich waters of the Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia. With the abundance of fish species around the Abrolhos, you never know what will be on the end of your line!

Series 8 · Episode 37

Paul is back in Gippsland, a region in Victoria where he is spoilt for choice with endless fishing opportunities. So armed with a Yak, and good ole pedal power Paul try's his luck off Paynesville.

Series 8 · Episode 38

Paul catches up with old mates Rick Simes and Jamie Crawford, as they head offshore in search of a mighty prize. They are fishing the fish rich waters of South Australia where one of their team catches the fish of a lifetime.

Series 8 · Episode 39

Paul starts fishing in Port Augusta, SA at the warmies with Yellowtail Kingfish in his sights and then heads to Northern Queensland in search of Yellowfin Tuna and Paul comes away a very happy man with fresh Sashimi for his dinner!

Series 8 · Episode 40

Paul is back this week fishing the amazing Abrolhos Islands, off Geraldton in WA. The combination of a secret hot spot and jigging with metals was their recipe for a great day's fishing!