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Faraday Aussie Bush House

Building a home is no easy task but for a 70 year old flying solo, putting down roots for the generations to come, presents its own set of challenges.

Pipers Creek Strawbale House

Dean and Sherril yearn for a simpler existence, for them and their three children. But unlike most people, they’re actually going to try and make it happen.

Brookfield Spotted Gum House

The experts have delivered an extraordinary design. Now it’s time for the amateurs to build it.

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Williamstown Bluestone Cottage

This modern, edgy, industrial style structure contrasts sharply to the heritage bluestone frontage.

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Saturday 4:00pm

Toowoomba English Farmhouse

This classic English farmhouse could have been plucked from rural England and dropped onto the one acre sloping block in sunny Queensland.

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Port Melbourne Urban Green

Ian and Ann's plan is to build a 3 storey house clad entirely with water tanks! It’s a game of invention and ingenuity for a $1.8 million investment.

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The Foxground Pavilion

Watch as Joe and Maura build their dream house, where they can live completely off the grid and is constructed from rammed earth.

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Claremont Origami House

Architect, Ariane, has big plans for this house, only no one quite knows what those plans are…including her husband.

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The Mt Eliza
Modern House

In episode 2, Georgina and Phillip attempt a slick, lightweight, modernist design with a schedule focused on one key ingredient – speed.

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The Graceville Container House

This incredible house uses steel shipping containers to weld into a flood proof family home. Take a tour of this amazing property.

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Grand Designs Australia charts the in-depth process of elaborate design projects undertaken by self-builders - turning the designs into a practical living space.

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Reminders Record

Saturday 4:00pm

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Faraday Aussie Bush House - Expert Tips

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A truly unique brand and a massive undertaking with a shooting period of over 12 months, Grand Designs Australia returns for series 5 with host Peter Maddison, to tell the stories of new homes and perhaps more importantly the Aussies who are building them. Grand Designs Australia charts the in-depth process of elaborate design projects undertaken by self-builders – from the initial details of blueprints, to the long and often arduous task of turning the designs into a practical living space.


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Posted by Tim367 • 38w ago • Report
Similar comments to Mia. My girlfriend and I are just about to start an experimental build in Beecroft. We would like to register our interest for the upcoming series.

Posted by Mia95 • 38w ago • Report
Also looking to register interest in an upcoming season. I just saw the commercial but missed the section for contact details.

Posted by Mark857 • 41w ago • Report
Would love to know how to register for an upcoming season, about to launch into my own project.

Posted by Kerry187 • 1y ago • Report
Hi Isabel, I can confirm that several references were made to Andrew Minter's design over the course of filming the Hornsby Heights adobe house by all concerned. In fact there was a whole day spent filming with Andrew, including the yellow clay house he built in the bush near the Central Coast 30 years ago and the techniques he uses to find clay seams by the roadside, but none of that footage made the final cut. As Michael says, in the end it's an editorial decision. Judi and I think that Andrew's instinctive design input to our house was nothing short of brilliant and we're happy to acknowledge that publicly.
Posted by Michael965 • 1y ago • Report
This seems to be a common thread Isabel. As designer of the King Island Whale Tail house I was surprised that there was no mention in the program that the house had been designed at all. The impression was that the design had emerged from the owner's imagination in consultation with the builder. Six months of rigorous design and documentation went into the planning of this house. I don't think it does any justice to our profession to have not even a passing comment relating to this process included in the program. I can only presume it is an editorial decision. Great to see the end result though. Well done Dianne and Andrew and all others involved.
Posted by Isabel51 • 1y ago • Report
I was very surprised watching the Hornsby Heights House, not to hear the owners nor Peter the builder mention Andrew Minter, nor give him any credit. As I was watching the show it gave me the impression that the owners designed the place with Peter's help.
I am very familiar with Andrew's remarkable work and his building method, so watching your show left me very confused.
Posted by Judith229 • 1y ago • Report
Hi Jodie,
I'm Judi, one of the owners of the adobe house at Hornsby Heights. Pete, the builder DID have a lot of sway, but we agreed with almost all of his suggestions. He truly is an artist and the house would not have been near as good as it is without his, and his team's, input. They all contributed their ideas to the look of the house and we couldn't be happier with the result.
Posted by Jodie615 • 1y ago • Report
I liked the Adobe house, but in watching that episode, I couldn't help but feel that the builder had too much sway over decisions. So now I wonder: is the finished house a realisation of the couples dream? Or did they give-in too easily to the builder "throwing his weight around" ?
Posted by Pam74 • 1y ago • Report
Have loved the series so far, but ***r Peter must've been stretched to find praise for this so very ordinary, done to death 70's house that hasn't moved on. It's like it took their couple 45 years to finally get around to build their house but have picked up nothing in the intervening years. Peter's kind and generous nature comes through.
Posted by Jill91 • 1y ago • Report
Thoroughly enjoy Grand Designs Uk, & Grand Designs AU, but please how many times do you expect us to watch Torrens Park Mansion. For the past 2 weekends both Sat & Sun, numerous episodes, & then again tonight! Goodness, I know you repeat episodes but this is ridiculous . You must have other episodes, the Mansion is certainly not my favorite home / episode!