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Extreme Makeover

About the Show

About the Show

Who hasn’t wanted to change something about themselves? In Extreme Makeover lucky participants are given the chance to go from an ugly duckling to beautiful swan. Each participant is given a truly Cinderella-like experience, as they are able to change their looks through the skills of an ‘Extreme Team,’ including a plastic surgeon, a cosmetic dentist and a talented team of hair and makeup artists. Each episode features two people, first in their ‘before’ phase, then as they undergo their various procedures, and finally, when the results are revealed to their friends and family.


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Posted by Sandy279 •13w ago • Report
I need extreme makeover really bad. My sister wants me to be in her wedding and I don't want to say no. I have lost over 135 lbs since last January. My upper arms flap so bad that I am embarrassed. I need a tummy tuck to remove all the loose skin. I need a face lift and my neck done. Since I am losing the weight I have excess skin all over. The worst part is I don't have the monies necessary to pay for a plastic surgeon. I love the comments people say when they see me due to my weight loss; however, when I apply makeup my skin is so wrinkled that I am ashamed. Please consider me for an extreme makeover. I have been married for 35 years and I would love to look like a princess just for him. Thank you for listening to my dilemma.
Posted by Lisa2484 •14w ago • Report
I would love an extreme makeover, i have had 5 children, tried to keep my weight down, but even without being over weight things still don't go back to what they were, i had cin3 for 5years two surgerys and put on 14kg, but i was told if i fell pregnant there was a chance it could go away, after 3 miscarriages, i finally feel pregnant and since my son has been born i have been all clear And since i have been clear without trying to lose weight, i have naturally drop 10kgs. I call him my miracle baby.
Posted by Pamela366 •15w ago • Report
Im not doing this for me id be doing it for my mum so please pick me so i can tell you why she deserves it PLEASE,
Posted by Venice2 •16w ago • Report
Me me
Posted by Venice2 •16w ago • Report
I have a tear jerker story that I can tell
You have to choose me first
Posted by Venice2 •16w ago • Report
Im nagging please choose me
Posted by Venice2 •16w ago • Report
Need a bit of work done
Help help
Please choose me
Posted by Venice2 •16w ago • Report
Please please please choose me
You wont go wrong
You will be blessed
Begging please
Posted by Stacy77Report
After coming close to severe obesity 8 years ago, I decided to get the gastric bypass surgery. I lost 105lbs, but my clothes don't fit properly, and I still see the "big" me in the mirror. The excess skin causes an illusion of a bigger me. I'm engaged to the love of my life, and he adores me the way I am. However, I am not happy the way I am. I looked into surgery, but I do not have $18,000+ laying around. I have 3 adorable children who have needs far greater than I. For once, I would love to see what everyone else sees. To be able to wear clothing as it should, not tucking my skin under my pants or hiding it with oversized shirts. I was uncomfortable with my body when I was heavy, and now uncomfortable when I am thinner. Please help me get the confidence I have been so longing to get. Thank you.
Posted by Crystal212Report
As a child I was tease because I was different.I was tall and skinny with no boobs or butt and my teeth is crooked and crowed.i was constantly tease to the point when I was getting into fights at school and my mom discharge me and homeschooled years later I can t even afford to see a dentist to get braces.and atfter giving birth to 5children my boobs have totally sagged and became a cups.and now my daughters make fun of my boobs because there's are bigger than mine.And I have very low self estem about my me thru email @