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About the Show

Who hasn’t wanted to change something about themselves? In Extreme Makeover lucky participants are given the chance to go from an ugly duckling to beautiful swan. Each participant is given a truly Cinderella-like experience, as they are able to change their looks through the skills of an ‘Extreme Team,’ including a plastic surgeon, a cosmetic dentist and a talented team of hair and makeup artists. Each episode features two people, first in their ‘before’ phase, then as they undergo their various procedures, and finally, when the results are revealed to their friends and family.


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Posted by Jacqui480 •24d ago • Report
I would like to add to my post below ...

The house was half way through a renovation when the fire struck … so therefore the insurance company only did it to what stage it was at which was understandable … unfortunately the contents was greatly underinsured and that was split between my ex and I due to the breakup … the money I did receive I lent to a friend and I need not say anymore on that … being unemployed I have not had the funds to complete the house further and I live a pretty minimalistic life … second hand basics. The stress of it all has been pretty intense and very depressing … some lose weight … Me … I gained weight … my friends diminished due to my abusive relationship and I have no family so I am pretty much very alone … I haven’t seen a hairdresser since August 10th 2010 …so .. as I said … an Extreme Makeover would be greatly appreciated. As I said ... I desperately want to smile .. the infection has caused my teeth to blacken and break and am soon to lose teeth that have worked loose.

Once again … Thank you for your consideration
Posted by Jacqui480 •25d ago • Report
Hi there ...

I am 52 yrs old.
I normally don't ask for much .. but would be grateful if you would consider me for an Extreme Makeover. I have spent many years caring for elderly parents and my ex's father ... survived a loveless relationship for 9 yrs ... volunteered for 6 mths to help the flood victims of the 2001 floods, survived a house fire in which I lost everything ... and more. I would love to smile again ... but due to a gum infection etc ... and lack of finances my smile is always held between sealed lips. An Extreme Makeover would give me the confidence to take the world by the horns and hopefully find love.

Thanking you for your time and hopeful consideration ...
Posted by Marilyn264 •6w ago • Report
I am 61 years old . Am 5 feet tall and weigh 45 kilos. I have very fine hair and have tried just about every product for my hair. As for a style no hairdresser seems to know what to do with it. I feel my hair makes me feel not confident as it should be a frame for the face. Clothes I would love to know what suits me for my age and height as I don't look my age but do not want to dress to young . Thanking you . MM
Posted by Nicole2338 •7w ago • Report
Hi Ladies, we are an extreme makeover company based in Sydney, Australia. We understand whats its like to live your life being unhappy with how you look. We can take anyone from now to WOW! Have a look at our website or call us on 02 9389 9764 or +61488808518 to find out how we can help you!
Posted by Jade586 •7w ago • Report
Hey guys, not sure if you have found your lucky participants, but if you are still looking or theres' room for a wildcard entry id really like to be considered. I have a very interesting and compelling life story, and I have the motivation and determination to change how I look on the outside because I am finally beautiful on the inside. J
Posted by Natasha906 •10w ago • Report
My name is Natasha, I'm 42 yrs of age. I have survived 4 domestic violent relationships. I also have suffered 3 strokes over 5 years and suffered some paralysis on my left side. Since my strokes I've lost all confidence and respect in myself and now suffer from depression/anxiety and have panic attacks. I don't leave my house much at all these days as I feel like everyone looks at me different. I tell my grown boys that their mum is ugly. I would love to feel good about myself again.
Posted by Karlene22 •12w ago • Report
Hi my name is karlene and I'm a mother of 6 children, I really need your help as I don't know where else to turn. I was a very proud and confident women and even the very idea of me writing this publicly for all to see would have been very demoralizing, but that was along time ago . When I was 18 I was savagely attack on my foot and face by my pit bull, I needed over 50 stitches and 3 lots of surgery to try to correct my face. My ordeal was the start of my ever growing depression and anxiety. I never leave my house or my bed some days, My weight has went from a size ten to a eighteen in 4 years, I have never visited a dentist in years either and now have teeth crumbling away , I'm in pain everyday yet can't leave my home and face anyone. I would be so extremely grateful if you would even consider me for extreme makeover it would mean so much not just for me but my children - other children and adults make fun of me and tease them about my appearance and make up awful story's as to why I don't leave home, I'd love to be able to go out with my children again and make them proud of me and not ashamed but most of all there happy mammy back
Posted by Anna1052 •16w ago • Report
When I was 22 years old my hip was fractured in an vehicle accident, I hare scars on my face and I lost a lot of weight so I am urgently in need of a boob lift, tummy tuck, scar removal and I will not complain if I can get new teeth :) Good luck to everyone that may be lucky enough to have their dreams fulfilled*
Posted by Liga •19w ago • Report
Hello... I need a extreme makeover !!! :( I'm 21 years old only and have been threw lots of things which different people didn't been threw in all their life... I started to work when I were 16 I were in full time education too so no free time at all... When I became 18 I were deputy head housekeeper in brand new hotel. But then sudden everything went bad I lost my job because of misunderstanding my mother lost her job too that time... I was going to agencies to work for few hours a weeks to survive... Then when I settled a bit and thought all bad things went away and I had my son in my hands (I were 19) everything went bad again... My partner emotionally just killed me... Since then I had a massive health problems and I did gain a weight 30 kg on top of my weight and lots more different things which dont want to announce to public... Now I been trying everything to get back on track but I dont have a push up point... If someone could just point me in right direction I would be very pleased I just dont know where else to go but I know I have to be strong as Im only one there for my son :( I would do anything to be the best mum for him so if you can help - please :(
Posted by Sandy279Report
I need extreme makeover really bad. My sister wants me to be in her wedding and I don't want to say no. I have lost over 135 lbs since last January. My upper arms flap so bad that I am embarrassed. I need a tummy tuck to remove all the loose skin. I need a face lift and my neck done. Since I am losing the weight I have excess skin all over. The worst part is I don't have the monies necessary to pay for a plastic surgeon. I love the comments people say when they see me due to my weight loss; however, when I apply makeup my skin is so wrinkled that I am ashamed. Please consider me for an extreme makeover. I have been married for 35 years and I would love to look like a princess just for him. Thank you for listening to my dilemma.