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Extreme Makeover

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About the Show

Who hasn’t wanted to change something about themselves? In Extreme Makeover lucky participants are given the chance to go from an ugly duckling to beautiful swan. Each participant is given a truly Cinderella-like experience, as they are able to change their looks through the skills of an ‘Extreme Team,’ including a plastic surgeon, a cosmetic dentist and a talented team of hair and makeup artists. Each episode features two people, first in their ‘before’ phase, then as they undergo their various procedures, and finally, when the results are revealed to their friends and family.


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Posted by Stacy77 • 10w ago • Report
After coming close to severe obesity 8 years ago, I decided to get the gastric bypass surgery. I lost 105lbs, but my clothes don't fit properly, and I still see the "big" me in the mirror. The excess skin causes an illusion of a bigger me. I'm engaged to the love of my life, and he adores me the way I am. However, I am not happy the way I am. I looked into surgery, but I do not have $18,000+ laying around. I have 3 adorable children who have needs far greater than I. For once, I would love to see what everyone else sees. To be able to wear clothing as it should, not tucking my skin under my pants or hiding it with oversized shirts. I was uncomfortable with my body when I was heavy, and now uncomfortable when I am thinner. Please help me get the confidence I have been so longing to get. Thank you.
Posted by Crystal212 • 16w ago • Report
As a child I was tease because I was different.I was tall and skinny with no boobs or butt and my teeth is crooked and crowed.i was constantly tease to the point when I was getting into fights at school and my mom discharge me and homeschooled years later I can t even afford to see a dentist to get braces.and atfter giving birth to 5children my boobs have totally sagged and became a cups.and now my daughters make fun of my boobs because there's are bigger than mine.And I have very low self estem about my me thru email @
Posted by Erica148 • 22w ago • Report
IF you see me, initially you'd think, there is hardly anything wrong with your face, but let's be honest, I have *** up teeth. I know I could be so much better looking if only my teeth were straight. I cry because people tell me to fix and I would be hotter. Some people actually think I'm really ugly because of it. Some people say, well, you're not ugly just not cute, maybe if you fix your teeth. I really need help and fast. I'm tired of being less attractive than what I could be. I feel hideous. I am robbed of a smile. I just want to smile.
Posted by Patrick181 • 23w ago • Report
I'm 33 single man that tired of being treated like nobody in eyes of women. All women i meet say they are not physically attracted to me. Every time that happens my self esteem drops. I take anymore i need extreme makeover. If you can help Please contact me at 2144409002
Posted by Helene41 • 23w ago • Report
I know a woman who would need help with a makeover. After being bullied at work she lost the belief in herself and left her work place. Thereafter she left her work and has been isolating herself and been depressed. Her mother always put her down as a child, so she went back to that black self image when she was bullied at work. She is a very competent person and professional, who has achieved remarkable things in spite of no support. She is very compassionate towards others and well deserving of goodness.
She has finally found strength to apply for volunteering. Today she was offered interviews for three different positions as a volunteer in very interesting fields. But she has no clothes or money for a hair cut.
If she can get help with a makeover before the interviews, it would transform her life and the good self image would be restored.

Thank you for getting back to me, if you can see a way to help her.

Kind regards,
Helene Beattie
Ph: 0415486066
Posted by Elizabeth994 • 37w ago • Report
I am a single 31 year old that lacks confidence and self esteem when it comes to meeting new people, Going on dates or simply going to the gym oh and job interviews. I've been bullied most of my life and still to this day get told i am ugly and need to fix my face, and asked over and over why I am sad when at that moment I'm content and not feeling the way I look. I've been in relationships that have never worked out because I've been worried by what others (usually strangers or "friends" would say). As I've been approached on many occasions that I just wasn't good enough for the guy I was with. I am not over weight nor do I have the perfect figure but I'm not really concerned about my body aside from the dermatitis I get from stress. Some of my relatives have suggested I get my teeth straightened, Botox and whatever else just so they can look at me when I talk. I stay away from photos unless I'm taking a selfie. And sadly I don't have many friends so I know what loneliness is like. I'm a part time nursing student but not employed. My mum is very supportive as is my older brother but I feel I'm letting them down by just looking the way I do. Being single, childless and unemployed. I have high hopes that in the not too distant future I will have a baby. I don't see anyone loving me and wanting to reproduce at any stage in this lifetime. I don't mind how I look but I'm not confident that anyone is remotely attracted to me aside from the fact I have a great personality. I want to be able to look good and feel good about myself and I know I would be the perfect candidate for an extreme makeover. I hope you choose me as it would allow me to experience life from a different angle.
Posted by Melonie4 • 43w ago • Report
I'm a single, 24 year old woman. I work for a bank part time and don't make much money to do things for myself. I have always struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. It has fluctuated so much that where my skin should be taut, it hangs. I have stretch marks everywhere and I'm so ashamed to even wear shorts or short sleeves in public. I have had an overbite all my life but my father who raised me and 2 siblings as a single father was not able to get me braces as a child so I have crooked, discolored and a few broken teeth. My overbite also leads to difficulty sleeping and insane snoring from what I've been told, incredibly embarrassing. There are times where I let my self disgust get the better of me and I've sunken to mild depressions where I either binge eat or starve. I want a chance to be made over, to feel like simple everyday things are not a challenge, to actually WANT to look in the mirror. I feel that if given a second chance I could build my confidence and discard the shame and discontent I feel for myself. I'm such a kind and caring person and I never ask for anything and try to put others before myself. I would like a chance to be the beautiful person I'm told I am on the inside, on the outside as well.
Posted by Rhii • 45w ago • Report
So many people writing in asking desperately for a make over yet these people are married and have kids and are surrounded by so much love why care about your looks. You are surrounded by unconditional love. I don't think they care about your looks they care about you . Not everyone's so lucky . Some people are dead ugly and very lonely that's a way harder life.
Posted by Patrick Sr. • 46w ago • Report
How can i be a contestant in the show im a 35 year old mother my whole life ive was told i was ugly and i believed it n still do all i.want is to look normal i don't want much i can't even look at myself n the mirror i put my makeup w a little compact mirror i hate my self sometimes i.dont even want to get out of bed i cry my self to sleep every night because i feel so ugly maybe .will be for the rest of my life it will be a dream come true and maybe wishful thinking if i will be picked to be on extreme makeover if only i now its once n a life time chance
Posted by Linda1011 • 48w ago • Report
i would love to be considered for this show, I'm a 33 year old mum of 4, and no matter how much weight i lose i can't get rid of my belly since my cesarian. its causing me to lose confidence in myself, as well as the discomfort and itching from rashes cause by heat and clothes rubbing on it. i can't take it anymore! would also love my 16DD breasts lifted and my teeth fixed, i just want my confidence back. please help!