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About the Show

Who hasn’t wanted to change something about themselves? In Extreme Makeover lucky participants are given the chance to go from an ugly duckling to beautiful swan. Each participant is given a truly Cinderella-like experience, as they are able to change their looks through the skills of an ‘Extreme Team,’ including a plastic surgeon, a cosmetic dentist and a talented team of hair and makeup artists. Each episode features two people, first in their ‘before’ phase, then as they undergo their various procedures, and finally, when the results are revealed to their friends and family.


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Posted by Melonie4 • 20d ago • Report
I'm a single, 24 year old woman. I work for a bank part time and don't make much money to do things for myself. I have always struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. It has fluctuated so much that where my skin should be taut, it hangs. I have stretch marks everywhere and I'm so ashamed to even wear shorts or short sleeves in public. I have had an overbite all my life but my father who raised me and 2 siblings as a single father was not able to get me braces as a child so I have crooked, discolored and a few broken teeth. My overbite also leads to difficulty sleeping and insane snoring from what I've been told, incredibly embarrassing. There are times where I let my self disgust get the better of me and I've sunken to mild depressions where I either binge eat or starve. I want a chance to be made over, to feel like simple everyday things are not a challenge, to actually WANT to look in the mirror. I feel that if given a second chance I could build my confidence and discard the shame and discontent I feel for myself. I'm such a kind and caring person and I never ask for anything and try to put others before myself. I would like a chance to be the beautiful person I'm told I am on the inside, on the outside as well.
Posted by Rhii • 6w ago • Report
So many people writing in asking desperately for a make over yet these people are married and have kids and are surrounded by so much love why care about your looks. You are surrounded by unconditional love. I don't think they care about your looks they care about you . Not everyone's so lucky . Some people are dead ugly and very lonely that's a way harder life.
Posted by Patrick Sr. • 6w ago • Report
How can i be a contestant in the show im a 35 year old mother my whole life ive was told i was ugly and i believed it n still do all i.want is to look normal i don't want much i can't even look at myself n the mirror i put my makeup w a little compact mirror i hate my self sometimes i.dont even want to get out of bed i cry my self to sleep every night because i feel so ugly maybe .will be for the rest of my life it will be a dream come true and maybe wishful thinking if i will be picked to be on extreme makeover if only i now its once n a life time chance
Posted by Linda1011 • 8w ago • Report
i would love to be considered for this show, I'm a 33 year old mum of 4, and no matter how much weight i lose i can't get rid of my belly since my cesarian. its causing me to lose confidence in myself, as well as the discomfort and itching from rashes cause by heat and clothes rubbing on it. i can't take it anymore! would also love my 16DD breasts lifted and my teeth fixed, i just want my confidence back. please help!
Posted by Joyce105 • 12w ago • Report
Hi my Name Is Joyce Im 28 a mother off three Im 5'2" 100 lbs Brown hair brown eyes. Im basically what most would consider a plain Jane. I have no breasts not even a real A cup. my teeth are literally falling apart I have had to super glue some back on cause they broke. I have had all of them fixed twice in the past three years. No matter how much I brush or floss all the work comes out. Smiling I have not done in a long time. I have acne on my checks that has tormented me sense I was in 7th grade. Mom said I would grow out of it but I'm still waiting. I had 8 and 9 lbs kids even with my small build so I have stretch marks on and around my belly button which I dont like to show so swim suits make me uncomfortable. I want so bad to be apart of PTA (I am a member but I dont go) at my kids school but feel the older my kids get the more I will embarrass them, cause I embarrass myself. I want to believe when people look at me they are looking into my eyes and not at all my imperfections. But most of all I want to know how it feels to have confidence in myself and in my appearance. Thanks for your time.
Posted by Kate1321 • 12w ago • Report
Hey my names Kate I'm 16, I would love for my mum to be on extreme makeover she is 52 she has 3 kids who she has dedicated her whole life to, she is a full time Carer for my 85 year old grandmother, my dad left her when she was here for the birth of her grandson, he married mums (ex) best friend, since then mum has been upset, and with everything she is doing she dosent take Care of her self she can't get her teeth fixed because she can't afford it, she is over weight and its putting strain on her back she has to take pain killers in the morning so she can get up and get nan out of bed,she has tried everything to make herself feel better I have Tryed everything and this is my last chance she needs this she feels like there is no hope, i just want my mum to be happy and feel good about herself when she looks in the mirror she is my bestfriend and means the world to me thank you
Posted by Rania10 • 14w ago • Report
I would really like a chance like this . My husband and I well I feel we have lots all interest in our selves . Let our selves go. Been wanting to loss weight but I know if we do we would end up with all this hanging skin cause we are big . Don't have the money cause just bought a house and well guess knowing that lossing the weight will help us feel better but will make us look worse which depresses us that we couldnt get it fixed.
Posted by Stacy Lee • 21w ago • Report
How do I get on one of these shows ?
Posted by Tamara322 • 23w ago • Report
Is this just a forum or an application?
Posted by Sarah2028 • 23w ago • Report
Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm 28 years of age. I'm a married stay at home mummy of three children ages 3,2 and 1. I am quite confident but after having three children I guess you could say that there is a lot of room for improvement lol. I have the time but not the funds for a extreme makeover! As a young family with a new house and a big mortgage you tend to put yourself on hold. I feel like my look is tired. I am young so would like to feel and look my age not twice my age! I would like to re-invent my look to re-spark my marriage and to feel like a gorgeous young mum. I have the support of my husband and family to try out for this opportunity so would love to be considered. Xo