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About the Show

Better Homes and Gardens offers viewers a practical and easy guide to creating great food, a beautiful garden and a warm and friendly home. Join presenter Johanna Griggs and established team of experts – Graham Ross (Horticulturalist), Dr Harry Cooper (Vet), Rob Palmer (DIY), Ed Halmagyi (Fast Food presenter), Jason Hodges (landscaper), Karen Martini (food presenter) and Tara Dennis (interior expert) – and see the homes and gardens come alive. Each episode is packed full of inspirational ideas and achievable decorating, DIY, craft, food and gardening projects. It’s all about better living.

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Posted by Andrea660 •8d ago • Report
Dear Dr Harry,
I do hope you can help me. I have inherited my father's 41 year old Suplhur crested cockatoo. He came to live with me at Christmas time and I am still unable to handle him. I feel, if anything he is getting more aggressive. I know that his bitting is his attempt to get closer to me, but it is doing the opposite. It is becoming more difficult for me to be able to hand feed him fruit etc and just clean out his avairy.

He loved my father and they were very close. They used to go on walks in the back yard and he was able to freely wander around on the grass from time to time. Years ago I could also handle him, but not now. I want to give him the life that he used to have. I know he gets bored and I don't know what to give him to keep him entertained. He spends countless hours trying to raise the roof of his home.

I would so appricate any ideas that might help him have a happy life, he has a lot of years to go and the thought of him spending the next 50 years cooped up isn;t really appealing. Thank you,
Posted by Kate1857 •17d ago • Report
Dear Dr Harry,

I saw a repeat of your show on late tonight and it brought back so many childhood memories. I just wanted to let you know your show was so inspiring and entertaining and such a great part of many lives while it was on. Thank you for all the shows and entertainment and I still love your show all these years later at 2 in the morning! I'm sure you've inspired many young Australia's to pursue a career as a vet, I'm sure you're the reason I always wanted to be one!

Posted by Kayla276 •18d ago • Report
Dr Harry,

I have a 10 year old dog who constantly chews on her left paw until she bleeds and keeps going.

This started about 5 years ago when she broke her nail and since then has not stopped chewing her paw.

We have tried putting a cone on her head, pepper on the paw, the stuff that stops nail biting, Vaseline (as recommended by the vet), spraying her whenever she does, bandaging her paw and and so much more but none of it has stopped her.

Please help our dog before she drives herself insane.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.
Posted by Sarah3232 •23d ago • Report
Dear Dr Harry,
My dog is a 2 and a half year old tibetan spaniel named Lily. She has a constant habit of eating her poo. We tried a different methods but no success so far. This was happening since she was a puppy. We feed her Advanced Dry food normally everyday.
Doctor please tell us if you would know any solution to prevent this disgusting habit.
Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.
Posted by Jessica2438 •5w ago • Report
PLEASE HELP US DR HARRY!!! We have a beautiful lab x named Bella. We got her from someone who couldn't look after her, we have had her a few months now. She is a great dog and has transitioned really well into our home... How ever she has a few problems with jumping and getting to over excited. She craves constant attention even though we give it to her all the time. I have recently become pregnant with our first baby and it worries me because Bella gets so excited that she jumps / knocks me down ( not on purpose, she is just very strong ) I am worried about hurting myself or the baby if the continues. We need your help ! I hope to hear from you.
Posted by Patricia783 •5w ago • Report
We have a 2.5 yr male, desexed, Whippet 'Devo'. Devo loves kids, he is very gentle around them. We have two house blaocks, when other people and animals are coming and going from the other house Devo is fine, not a bark from him. When friends drop by when we are not at home they have said that Devo just looks at them. When workers (electricity/ water/ council) are on the property Devo is fine. We are able to have family/ friends over for a bbq without hassles. However Devo will bite (snip) random friends that come over. The friends have been here previously. We do not understand why Devo is bitting some people. Are you able to offer any suggestions?
Posted by Lenore27 •5w ago • Report
About 6 weeks ago we got a small dog. We were told she is a fear biter. She has accepted me okay but acts scared and standoffish around my husband. She does not like people and dogs walking past our house and barks. I have slowed her down some on this. She goes mental when people come to our house and I worry she will bite. She nipped my adult son on the leg. We would be lucky to get 2 people in a month to our house so I do not know how to fix this problem. Do you believe she will ever change?
Posted by Sarah3185 •6w ago • Report
Hi Dr Harry,

Our cat is having kitty litter issues. He will use it to wee but does a poo on the floor. We clean it everyday, have changed the type of kitty litter and moved the location but nothing is working. Can you please help?
Posted by Amy1482 •6w ago • Report
Hi Dr Harry.

I was wondering if you could help with my cat Patches, she has these 'episodes' where she starts to freak out as if something is attacking her back and then she starts to frantically like it and then runs around the house.

Please help.

Posted by Freya38 •6w ago • Report
Hello, our dog is whimpering, crying, howling and barking whenever we leave the house without him (which isn't that often). We have recorded him acting out like this and it is usually on and off, but enough to upset our neighbours that are always home (and like to leave anonymous notes under our door). We always leave the radio and TV on for him, and we give him chew sticks or chew bones but this doesn't seem to work. He is just over one year old and is a small dog, 3/4 chihuahua 1/4 Maltese. Obviously we hate the thought of him being this distraught when we aren't home, as well as don't want to upset our neighbours any further. Do you have any suggestions that might help us fix this problem please?

Thank you!