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About the Show

Better Homes and Gardens offers viewers a practical and easy guide to creating great food, a beautiful garden and a warm and friendly home. Join presenter Johanna Griggs and established team of experts – Graham Ross (Horticulturalist), Dr Harry Cooper (Vet), Rob Palmer (DIY), Ed Halmagyi (Fast Food presenter), Jason Hodges (landscaper), Karen Martini (food presenter) and Tara Dennis (interior expert) – and see the homes and gardens come alive. Each episode is packed full of inspirational ideas and achievable decorating, DIY, craft, food and gardening projects. It’s all about better living.

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Posted by Ranee3 • 2d ago • Report
How do I get an answer to my question? Thanks
Posted by Ranee3 • 2d ago • Report
I love your show. I am in Perth WA. I am moving into a new apartment in Oct 2014 which has a large balcony. I wd like to create an attractive indoor garden with herbs and plants. I do not have much knowledge in this and am not physically able to do much--have arthritis and my husband has Parkinson's Disease. Do u offer home service--meaning that would u come out to help me plan and organise this garden?
Posted by Tamara402 • 7d ago • Report
Hi dr Harry we NEED your help we have a kelpie x boarder collie we got her about 8 months ago she was a giveaway on gum tree she was only 7 months old and they were already her second owners they said she originally came from a farm. She is a lovely dog she loves our 2 young boys and they love her when we first got her we had another dog a male Pitt bull but he was very old and had a big tumor on his side so and didn't have long to live they spent a couple of months together but since he has died she had just taken over she sort of thinks she the top dog of the street and let's everyone know about it and because we live at the end of a small court the whole st can hear her and she barks non stop 24/7 almost. She's going to get us in trouble we have tried everything we take her for walks everyday my partner takes her for runs in the evening. I don't believe in getting an animal and then just getting rid of it because something doesn't work you wouldn't do it to your child so why your pet? They rely on you just like a small child would but please dr Harry we are in urgent need of your help before she gets us in trouble not only with the council but also housing trust as that is who we rent a house from . How do we stop her from barking all the time??
Posted by Bethany97 • 7d ago • Report
Hello Doctor Harry,
Our German Sheppard has recently been behaving very timidly, and very nervous quite constantly over the past few weeks.... This happens to coincide with our house being open for public inspection pending the sale of the house....... could that be a cause of his behaviour?
Posted by Lorraine436 • 7w ago • Report
Hello Dr Harry, I need a bit of advice about my dog Indy. Indy's toe nails started falling off which was painful for her. I took her to a vet and they gave me steroids and Megaderm which I gave her for about 6 months which sorted the problem out. I was told by the vet to stop the steroids but continue with the Megaderm, which I did. It was not long and her new nails started falling off. She now has no toenails. I would just like to know if this is painful for her and what the reason is that this keeps happening to her. Is there a cure?
Thank you
Posted by Louise849 • 8w ago • Report
Hello everyone, I love BH&G and watch every week! Congratulations on the success of the show. I have a little question for Dr Harry about my 15 yo Golden Retriever. She is a half sibling to Ollie, who I know you work with often and I recognised our dear friend Judy (from whom we purchased our girl) when you did your story on pupsicles. It's become quite evident of late that my ***r old girl is slowing down. She can walk well although has some arthritis in her knees. My vet suggested putting her on a 'geriatric' food (thank heavens she's deaf and couldn't hear that). I've noticed of late she is loosing a great deal of weight quite dramatically, and while she will inhale her soft food component of an evening, she isn't touching her kibble (I take it geriatric food is low in fat, and as is quite often the case, low in taste too). She has quite an appetite if anything else is on offer. We have always used supercoat and she usually loves it. She eats mostly fish/veges/rice or supercoat dog food for her soft food component and we have to get our hands out of the way mighty quick! Would you suggest using a supercoat kibble higher in fat? (I assume that would be the puppy kibble). She's still sound and seems happy enough, but I'd like to put a bit more meat on her bones, especially over winter.. it's so hard to watch them get old. I attribute my dogs long healthy life to Supercoat kibble and Judy's skill at breeding strong, sound, healthy animals in a loving environment. Once again, we love watching your show! Congratulations.
Posted by Katie675 • 8w ago • Report
Hey Dr Harry. I need some advice about my cat. She is very anxious with new people. She has a car door and will go outside mainly at night. There have been a few times where she has come inside looking scared, walking close to the ground and moving quickly she runs to the back of the house and hides. She then comes back and cautiously goes to the door as if to check if it's safe. When she is like this she is in her own thoughts and talking to her or letting her know we are here doesn't help. She is scared of new people in the house and will hide until she feels fine to appear. She is always looking out the front window and if she sees anyone she gets scared and hides. She cleans herself a lot and sleeps a lot but it seems she never deep sleeps. She used to live with my sister and when they moved she went missing for about a week not sure if something happened to her but apparently when she was found she was strange. This was a couple of years ago. She also had kittens when she was less than a year old and didn't care much for them. She isn't very cuddly but will follow me around and stand on my lap wanting a pat. Would love any advice as I don't think cats have anything to be anxious about. Thanks Katie
Posted by Kodie5 • 9w ago • Report
Hey Dr. Harry, we have a problem... our dog Jax is running away too often. We live on property in the Hawkesbury so boundaries are a difficult thing. He is a staffy x and about 3yrs old. We have always chained him up at night in his doghouse and let him off during the day. He and his mate Zac (the in-laws dog) would some times go for day trips and come home for dinner, we weren't so worried about this but its gradually extended into overnight outings which then eventuated into 2 & 3 nights out and now the latest event was 5 nights!! This is not on! Not only are we worried about what they're getting up to but the punishment when he gets home..!? I really do not agree with having a dog tied up 24/7 but how else do we control this. This issue is really putting a strain on my family and my relationship, were butting heads about how we handle this... advice ... please help ..!! Ta
Posted by Chris1021 • 9w ago • Report
Hi Dr Harry A few weeks ago I happened to watch one of your episode with the veterns who have PTSD and have companion dogs. I was wondering how I could get this for my mate Kooki he is a Standard ***dle. I am a Vietnam Veteran and have been diagnosed with PTSD. When we travel we have to leave our mate at home or with family. could you help us please.Thank You
Posted by Misty23 • 10w ago • Report
Dr Harry, please help me with my amazing horse King.
King is a 17.3 TB, he is an angel on the ground and once the saddle is on, he is perfect to ride.. So you may wonder what the issue is...
If he is tied up he panics and will just about turn himself inside out
It takes me up to two hours to get the girth done up. I can never saddle him on my own as he panics. Once it is done up, is fine... As a disabled rider this means I can never just go and ride.. I really need help in making this a better experience for him and for me.