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About the Show

Better Homes and Gardens offers viewers a practical and easy guide to creating great food, a beautiful garden and a warm and friendly home. Join presenter Johanna Griggs and established team of experts – Graham Ross (Horticulturalist), Dr Harry Cooper (Vet), Rob Palmer (DIY), Ed Halmagyi (Fast Food presenter), Jason Hodges (landscaper), Karen Martini (food presenter) and Tara Dennis (interior expert) – and see the homes and gardens come alive. Each episode is packed full of inspirational ideas and achievable decorating, DIY, craft, food and gardening projects. It’s all about better living.

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Posted by Nalaa •1d ago • Report
Just wanted to say that we ran into Johanna Griggs today at Bunnings North Penrith store.
She was so beautiful and genuinely giving of her time to chat and even have a photo taken with me.
I will now take even more pleasure in watching her on Better Homes and Gardens knowing that she is just as bubbly and friendly in real life as she is on the show.
Have never missed a show, and I look forward to watching every week.

A BIG THANK YOU to you Johanna and all the team for a great show.

Kind Regards,
Posted by Kathy690 •6d ago • Report
Hi Dr Harry, I have a beautiful 2 and half year old English Staffy. A few month ago she started pee every time we go to pat her, we have never hit her but her mannerisms acts like we have, she also does it when we come home and she is so happy to see us. We had her half sister living with us since marley was a pup and the only thing I can think of is her sister suffers with allergies and licks her feet so we were yelling at her to stop, so I'm wondering if we have given Marley a complex. If I sit down and she comes to me it's not as bad. We love her so much and want to give her cuddles all the time but I have to be careful when we are inside as there has been times on the carpet, I don't say anything when she dose as I don't want her to feel bad. She is like a cow her tail lifts up and out comes the pee.

Please Dr Harry can you help Marley
Kind Regards Kathy
Posted by Toni436 •7d ago • Report
Dear Dr. Harry,

I'm at a complete loss as to what to do to help my one year old mastiffXstaffy. He had finally gotten out of the chewing everything in sight stage when I got a new neighbour with a large dog that I fear is going to make it over the fence and I've had to start keeping Fenrir (my mastiffXstaffy) and Paulie (my three and a half/four year old pugX) inside whenever I leave the house. Now Fenrir has started chewing again, but only when I'm out and can't stop him. I know if I could let him play outside when I'm not home, he would probably stop chewing up the house, but I can't leave them outside for fear the neighbour's dog will get over the fence and hurt them. I also know if I could afford more some interactive toys that this might help, but as it is the only thing I can do is to pick up what I can and hope that he won't chew or eat anything that will cause him any harm.

Please, Dr Harry, help me help my Fenrir!

Kindest thanks, Toni
Posted by Alimac127 •10d ago • Report
Hi Dr Harry,
I desperately need your help. We have a 5yr old Labrador that has recently decided he will not go up our back stairs onto our deck where he lives 99% of the time. We have now closed in the steps so he connot see through them and put carpet on them and he still won't go up or down with any bribery. He is also very scared on our polished floors inside as well . I think it has to do with his toe nails PLEASE HELP US.
Kind Regards Alison
Posted by Nicole1152 •14d ago • Report
Dr Harry,
I have a 3year old male Jack Russell X Maltese and since moving house he has developed a problem with going toilet in the back room of the house. We let him out number times a day, don't let him eat after certain time of night, he used to be very well toilet trained and used to let us know when he wanted to go by sitting at the door but since we moved over a year ago that has gone out the window.. It is getting to the stage where I might have to get new carpet as no matter what I do I can't get the smell out of the carpet.. I have tried heaps of repellent sprays.. Also on the odd Occassion my cat will do it as well to copy him I guess.. help!
I would also love some tips as to minimising his barking as no matter what we do he doesn't stop.. It's slowly getting worse to the point of him barking at anything that makes a sound
Posted by Jason702 •5w ago • Report
Hi Dr Harry,
We have recently got a puppy who is 11 months old,her name is Jess,she had been miss treated but we are having some problems with her now she hates other people and always goes for them even family members.As some find this funny i find it very concerning as she don't get along with other dogs either.Please can you help as i want her to see everyone loves her as much as we do.
Posted by Susan1568 •5w ago • Report
Hi Jason Hodges
Ny husband has no idea how look after our grass
Years ego we put in bufola grass and now very bad condition plenty weeds and some parts almost died pls help us
Thank you
Posted by Emily1473 •6w ago • Report
Hi dr Harry,
I have a German Shepard x Labrador and he is now 8 months old but getting big very fast! He digs up the grass, chews on anything he can find and now, he's even started to jump up and grab our clothes off the clothes line! I don't know what to do. He has is own toys, but no, he chooses to play with anything but them! Please help me, I'm so lost.
Posted by Lea98 •7w ago • Report
Hi Dr harry I have a 17month old Jack Russell Cross called Honey, and she has some major issues!. She is extremely scared of going in the car and socializing with other dogs. Just Recently I had an episode where a pup from across the road who came to visit, and just wanted to play, but my Honey was screaming, I thought she was being killed. I was in the bathroom at the time!. When I came out Honey was urinating and Poohing everywhere in my lounge dining, thankfully I have tiles!. She is a smart little thing, as she likes to play ball and mostly brings the ball back!. And she has a toy box of sorts of which she will choose a toy to play with.... if you swap it, she will go find the toy she chose. I have treats of which I try to encourage and praise her for the good things she does ,but often her fear gets in the way. I really need help!. Regards Lea.
Posted by Neira •9w ago • Report
Hi Dr Harry,
We have a one year old male moodle who’s lately having accidents all over the house.
I have trained him to go on a pee pad and he was fine for a while but now he keeps missing it, he pees right next to it and at times pees in different areas.
He is an inside dog and is too scared to go down the stairs to pee in the backyard, I reward him when he does the right thing, but have tried shouting at him, closing him in the laundry and ignoring him when he does the wrong thing. He just doesn’t seem to learn.
I’m out of ideas
Can you please help?