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About the Show

Better Homes and Gardens offers viewers a practical and easy guide to creating great food, a beautiful garden and a warm and friendly home. Join presenter Johanna Griggs and established team of experts – Graham Ross (Horticulturalist), Dr Harry Cooper (Vet), Rob Palmer (DIY), Ed Halmagyi (Fast Food presenter), Jason Hodges (landscaper), Karen Martini (food presenter) and Tara Dennis (interior expert) – and see the homes and gardens come alive. Each episode is packed full of inspirational ideas and achievable decorating, DIY, craft, food and gardening projects. It’s all about better living.

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Posted by Kayla238 • 17h ago • Report
Hello dr Harry,
I have a staffy thats 2 and a half and when ever im not home she always manages to get out of our yard i have had to resort to locking her in my garage when i go to work and just recently she has started chewing wires to the point she trips the power in my house. Please what can i do to stop her?
Posted by Sean188 • 3d ago • Report
Hello Dr. Harry!
My partner and I have a 2year old Maltese shitzu x bichon. And she cannot stop licking!
She constsntly licks herslef, our hands, our arms, if we stop patting her she keeps licking then will crawl closer to your face and lick your face or neck or mouth. It extreamly annoying! How can we make her stop?
Posted by Kristen191 • 6d ago • Report
Hello Dr Harry Cooper.
My 2 year old beagle Ruby is an escape artist.
We have spent thousands of dollars of electric wiring, planks, fences (ect) to keep her from getting out. we are worried that she may get hit by a truck as many pass at the back of our property.
She is also overweight and at risk of heart attack.
She continues to burrow under the fence like a wombat.
The only thing that has been successful in keeping her in the yard is by wearing a plastic cone around her head. the cones that go on animals after an operation. We refuse to tie her up and chain her to a post.

Regards Kristen.
Posted by Lauren1247 • 10d ago • Report
Help please Dr Harry! We have an 18wk old maltese shitzu puppy who is becoming extremely distressed when we put him to bed at night and has been getting worse as time goes on. From when we first got him (at 8wks) we have put him in our laundry at night where he has his own bed. Initially he was very happy to go to bed and even put himself to bed a few times however from about 11 weeks onwards he has started yelping and scratching at the door and building up up to barking and body slamming the door. He does eventually calm down but the time it takes him to calm is getting longer and longer 1/2hr - 1hr now and the minute he hears any noise he starts again. We have tried rewarding him for going to bed and using toys such as kongs to keep him occupied. We don't respond to him once we have put him to bed in hope he will grow out of this stage but as it is getting worse we are concerned it is causing more issues than fixing them. He is more than happy to sleep there during the rest of the day and will sleep quite happily at night when around us but the minute we try and put him to bed he just looses it. We have guests come stay often and the spare room is next to the laundry hence the noise he makes it difficult, not to mention the stress he is experiencing. Can you provide any suggestions?? We would just love for him to be as happy at bedtime as he is the rest of the time.
Thanks Lauren
Posted by Liana57 • 11d ago • Report
Hi Dr Harry. My kids love your segment on B H & G - they'll change the channel over to watch you before anything else. They've been begging and pleading for me to contact you about our 2 year old male staffy Jett. Jett has been the best family dog and we take him everywhere we go. About a year ago though, he got in a fight with a bulldog (luckily the bulldog was old and had no teeth otherwise the story may have been different) and ever since then, he's quite unsocial with other dogs. He will play with dogs that he knew before the incident, and seems to be okay with other female dogs, but if we introduce him to new dogs he gets quite aggressive. We don't think he'd ever actually bite, but he growls, shows his big teeth, the hair goes up on the back of his neck and he'll corner the dogs and show them "who's boss". It's getting really embarrassing and we're finding we're not taking him with us everywhere we go like we used to. Is there anything we can do about his behaviour? He's such a beautiful natured dog and we want to do something to help him be the fun-loving friendly dog he used to be.
Thanks Dr. Harry.

Posted by Sam500 • 11d ago • Report
Hi doctor harry my family have a cocktail he was purchased as a hand raised bird. He will sit on you but the instant you put a hand near him or move he hisses and bites. What can I do to make him more comfortable with people
Thanks sam
Posted by Adrianna10 • 13d ago • Report
Dr Harry we're in desperate need of your help!
we have a 1yr old macedonian shepherd cross and no matter what we do we can't get her to eat!! Shes meant to weigh about 40-45kg and shes struggling to stay at 33kg!
we have tried everything we can think of including vets suggestions and after a week or less she shows no interest in what we're giving her!
we would appreciate your help immensely!

Thank you,
Adrianna and Lee
Posted by Jake94 • 13d ago • Report
Dr Harry,

My family has a 10-11 month old Cavoodle called Millie who my family thinks is crazy because she only does her business inside the house. We take her for walks, we leave her outside most of the day while we aren't at home, but every morning we wake up to find a puddle here and a s**t there even though we leave the door to the veranda open. My mother has come to the point that she is thinking about finding her another home and i don't want to see her go because me and my brother love her. Is there any advice you can give me that we can try. Thanks a lot. Jake from Blakehurst, NSW
Posted by Madison109 • 14d ago • Report

I have a beautifully well behaved 2yr old kelpie, who listens to me all the time except in two situations:
1. When she's out the front in the street (she chases and aggresses at people)
2. When it's time to leave the beach (fine on the beach, only, won't come back when it's time to go home)

She's extremely well behaved all other times, & I feel we have tried everything & just have no idea what to do next! Please help.
Posted by Emma-Jane15 • 22d ago • Report
Hi, I have a rescue dog who is now 2 years old. He used to be scared around men but has become more comfortable over time. He bonds well with everyone in my family however has "episodes" towards my dad. On some occasions he will start growling only at him, his hair goes up on his back and he exposes his teeth ready to attack and I have to grab his collar. He is normally fine with dad and they play and he feeds him and pats him and all is normal but every now and then he turns on him... No one else except my dad and I'm worried he will attack which is not in his personality.

He is a German Shepard mix and is a guard dog at first appearance however he just rolls over for a belly rub to any stranger that's willing. I am due for a baby in the next few weeks and worried he may have the same attitude towards the baby as he has my father. What can I do?