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About the Show

Better Homes and Gardens offers viewers a practical and easy guide to creating great food, a beautiful garden and a warm and friendly home. Join presenter Johanna Griggs and established team of experts – Graham Ross (Horticulturalist), Dr Harry Cooper (Vet), Rob Palmer (DIY), Ed Halmagyi (Fast Food presenter), Jason Hodges (landscaper), Karen Martini (food presenter) and Tara Dennis (interior expert) – and see the homes and gardens come alive. Each episode is packed full of inspirational ideas and achievable decorating, DIY, craft, food and gardening projects. It’s all about better living.

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Posted by Emmanuel3 • 3d ago • Report
I watched your episode of BH&G which aired on 18 April 2014. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed with Dr Harry Cooper, Australia's favourite TV vet, taking us on a tour of Sea World.

I understand the need for corporate sponsorship. However, television programs, like any business, have a social responsibility to not endorse or promote unethical or amoral business practices for the sake of financial gain.

From an animal welfare perspective, Sea World's operations are inherently cruel and inhumane. This organisation isn't about conservation - it's about exploitation. The capture and incarceration of wildlife; the use of appalling training techniques; the exploitation of highly intelligent, emotionally complex sentient beings for entertainment - these are all disgraceful, and should never have been endorsed or promoted on your program.

Anyone with half a brain and a slither of a heart would understand that Sea World is a terrible organisation and one that any business (or television program!) intending to operate within the ambit of their social license should, indeed must, vehemently denounce.

I am mostly disappointed with Dr Harry Cooper. I commend any individual that has chosen to dedicate hit or her life to bettering the welfare of animals. However, and with respect, I feel as though Dr Harry has compromised his credibility by "selling out" to Sea World. As an animal health professional, Dr Harry should (and no doubt does) know better.

I urge you to watch the documentary Black Fish if you need further convincing.


Posted by Allison256 • 14d ago • Report
Hi I was wondering if you may have some information on making your own wooden window or If Rob would like / be able to show us how to make one on one of your programs please thank you?
Posted by Emma1496 • 18d ago • Report
Dr. Harry we have a problem with our cats.. we got our 2nd cat a year ago, since then our 1st cat urinates everywhere, she's on behavioural tablets that don't seem to work also our 2nd cat has learnt how to open our fridge and thinks he can help himself to food! Any advice?
Posted by Jm2 • 23d ago • Report
Hi team
I need your help badly. We moved to our new place about 4months ago. And the house moved to is about 70years old house. we did some DIY renovation and we still haven't finish Any part of our new home. And we are running out of budget too. Please help us finish our house and use our money wisely....

Love your show and good luck to your team.

Thank you so much
Posted by Anna764 • 26d ago • Report
Dr Harry, I love dogs and I have been getting increasingly concerned about new suburban developments not providing an adequate outdoor environment for a pet dog. My own research has concluded that people that move into brand new homes do not own a pet dog. I have designed and manufactured a water cooled dog house to protect domestic dogs from heat stroke in a small yard with no ventilation and no natural shade. Would you please help me educate people that it is possible to move into a new home and keep the family dog. I am worried that we are squeezing big dogs out of major cities.
Posted by Jessica1748 • 28d ago • Report
Please help dr. Harry my dog is starting to drive us crazy! She has a problem with barking at the tv when any kind of animal is on the screen and will not leave my bird alone she sits under the cage fascinated by the bird and the second it moves even an inch she goes crazy. I'm worried about her as it doesn't look very healthy for her and that it might send her insane, my dog has had a rough life and still is getting through some things and I want her to be happy in her home please dr. Harry I beg you for help she does have a few other issues I would like to talk about but they are a bit more personal and am not sure if this is the place to do so please email me if you are willing to help me :)
Posted by Debbi16 • 5w ago • Report
Dr Harry, I really need your help. I have an almost 12 year old Maltese x ***dle who has taken to humping cushions! He has been showing this very unusual behaviour for about the past 2 years or so. He is very sneaky about the act and always shows guilt as soon as we enter a room where he has 'had his way' with one of my unsuspecting cushions. His 'act' results in a 'wet patch' on the cushion - sometimes more than one, where he has humped edges or corners of the cushion. We have never heard of a dog doing this before, especially one that is desexed. We are at our wits end as to how to stop him and it has gone beyond a joke to have to keep all my cushions in cupboards or cover all my sofas with old sheets so he can't get to cushions when we aren't in the room. Please help us to solve his problem and get return my house to a cushion friendly zone.
Posted by Hayley532 • 5w ago • Report
Dr Harry, I have a 3 year old boarder collie with severe allergies. He is an inside/outside dog and we cannot pin point the allergy (whether it be food, grass, certain materials or plants etc). He was on cortisone for a month and a half. It helped a little but really just made him fat. He is constantly on antibiotics from scratching himself raw. He is now on anti-histamine tablets but nothing seems to work! He's a happy dog but can barely walk straight due to his severe itchiness. Please help us help him!
Posted by Lesley345 • 7w ago • Report
We have a terrible problem with ticks, dog and cattle! We can't seem to break the cycle and even using collars and spot type products we are constantly finding hundreds of ticks on our dogs. I am pulling my hair out, any suggestions? We live in country Queensland.
Posted by Emily698 • 8w ago • Report
Hi dr harry, I have a 1 1/2 yr old outside dog but she learnt how to open up the door and when she comes inside she lays accross the couch and doesnt get off. When u tell her to go out she ignores u and if u try to pick her up she bites and growls at u. Im not sure what to do because im scared that one day she will need to get put down from biting someone. Please help