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About the Show

Better Homes and Gardens offers viewers a practical and easy guide to creating great food, a beautiful garden and a warm and friendly home. Join presenter Johanna Griggs and established team of experts – Graham Ross (Horticulturalist), Dr Harry Cooper (Vet), Rob Palmer (DIY), Ed Halmagyi (Fast Food presenter), Jason Hodges (landscaper), Karen Martini (food presenter) and Tara Dennis (interior expert) – and see the homes and gardens come alive. Each episode is packed full of inspirational ideas and achievable decorating, DIY, craft, food and gardening projects. It’s all about better living.

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Posted by Gavin192 •8d ago • Report
Ever seen a dog climb an 8ft wall to escape loud sounds?
Ever seen a dog break 3 collars in a few weeks to escape loud sounds?
Ever seen a dog that bends corrugated iron to escape loud sounds?
Ever seen a dog that will bend concrete reinforcing mesh with his teeth to escape loud sounds?

I have now. My Dad has a 4 year old White Shepherd (Swiss Shepherd). Beautiful dog but is off his tree when loud sounds happen and Dad isn't nearby.

What can you do to help with what is such a common issue among dogs?
Posted by Belinda1541 •9d ago • Report
Dr Harry HELP
We have a poodle x that howls everytime he hears a emergency vehicle siren going past (yes his hearing is very well so he hears them way before we do).
He wakes the whole neighbourhood up most nights and I am concerned that they are getting very annoyed. Do you have any suggestions?
Posted by Emily1650 •11d ago • Report
Dr Harry i need help ASAP. i have a rainbow lorikeet and he gets into moods where he just lunges at you out of no where and bites drawing blood on your face. he's done it to my mum so many times that she now has to carry a little broom with her so that he won't go near her and now he's started on me. he's an inside bird and it would break my heart to have to put outside in an aviary. I've been reading up on how to stop him from biting but none of them talk about biting your face. I'm desperate and don't know how to stop it
Posted by Tim559 •14d ago • Report
Dear Dr Harry, we have a little puppy staffy named Dexter... He's 7 months old and our vet beleives he has Cerebral Palsy...He is a dear little fellow, his tounge hangs out and he walk's a bit funny but are trying to help him to have a normal life ....he has a problem with doing his business on the grass. He play's on the grass many times a day with our other staffy, Simba ,but he won't go until he gets inside. Hmmmm. Any sugestions???
Posted by Cia2 •16d ago • Report
HELP DR HARRY PLEASE...... I have 2 Problems..... First my puppy (golden retriever) Sammy, has trouble with his eyesight...... I have had him to specialists and all they seem to do is want to take my money..... Can you please help me.... Hi has trouble with depth of field and so cant judge stairs very well... he also has trouble with low light.
my vet noticed some yellowish liquid in his eyes when he was younger but that seems to have gone..... Also his pupils dont dialate normally and they are a funny shape.....
the specialist I took him to was rude and aburpt and didnt want to listen to any syptoms we tried to tell him...... His prognosis after 2 seconds was its to do with his brain and you need to go to my clinic to get an mri...($3500)..... Can you please help.
The second thing is how do I stop my dog from eating his and his mates poop..... I trust your judgement and hope you can help me.
Posted by Carly403 •23d ago • Report
Dear Dr Harry,
Please help our household.
We have a 3 year old, male, tabby, desexed cat "Billy" who sprays in our house and has done so for about 2 years now. He mainly sprays at night or when I'm not looking. I have followed him when I think he's in a "mood" and shooed him away from the areas I know he's sprayed in the past. I just can't do this all the time or can't control what he does in the middle of the night. We can't lock him in a laundry or bathroom overnight as he'd make too much noise and wake the kids.
We have a nearly 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. We have had him tested for urinary tract issues but they all came back negative. So we are now of the opinion that's it's stress related. Probably from the kids!!!
Billy seems to spray in the same spots even though I remove the smell , as best I can, from the carpet or my clothes or my shoes or the toys or the books or the clothes basket or the kitchen bench or the microwave or our travel bags or wherever it is he has sprayed. I have started to lock him out of the kids rooms and one of the bathrooms and my husband has built him an elevated cat tower, which is in the main living area, with his new bed on the top - which he uses all the time. We try to play with him as much as we can but with 2 small kids it's really tricky to find the time and kid free "Billy time". I am past the point of getting frustrated and now getting angry. I don't take it out on Billy as I know that that doesn't help.
Please help.
Can you advise on anything else we can do???? We'd really appreciate it.
Eagerly awaiting your response.
Thank you in advance.
Kind Regards,
Posted by Bonnie209 •24d ago • Report
Dr Harry, my partner and I need your help! We have an 8 month old Miniature Pinscher who is driving us insane! Since we got him (8 weeks) we have been trying to potty train him, with no success, even though he has access to outside 24/7.. He is overly obsessed with food, and although he is fine if we take his food when there are no dogs around.. as soon as there are dogs around he is aggressive to anyone or any dog that comes near him. We need some advice, as we have tried to find it through vets and the internet nothing has worked.
Posted by Luke532 •25d ago • Report
Dr Harry Please Help!!! I have a 1.5yr old Staffy cross maltese (we think maltese not 100% sure) and he randomly attacks our 10yr old foxy and we have no idea why. We cant find any link or common factor as to why he does it. We also have a big staffy cross ridgeback but he wont touch him. Please help cause we are afraid to leave them alone together!
Posted by Kayla354 •27d ago • Report
DR HARRY! Panda, my mothers 5 year old Malteese Shitzu Whodeanie can not be contained. He has even chewed through chicken wire. We are hoping you can give some advice. He has almost caused many accidents as he lives near a main road. Thank you
Posted by Julia583 •5w ago • Report
My mother died recently and I have inherited her darling little dog - Mum live with us for the last 2.5 years with darling Tessa but Tessa would never leave Mum's side.. I have never had a dog but I adore her and all animals. I have always had cats. I dont know how to talk dog. My 20 and 21 year old cats also died very close to Mum's death. Now I have only one fluffy thing in my life and I dont understand her - Im trying . I think she is happy but she licks and licks everything. I have taken her to the vet 3 times in the last 3 weeks because Im worried about her but I think its because I cant figure her out. This is nuts. I adore her so much and she is my last link to my Mum and I am so worried all the time. My partner has brain cancer as well and he loves her and while that is not the issue I dont think I could handle another death in the family after the cats (one day after Mum's funeral), and Mum. I am just so scared she will die on me because I dont understand her. She is a rescue dog that Mum and I collected. She would not leave my mother's side (Mum lived with us) - she literally would not leave her side. Is she mourning. How can I make her happy. Im so confused and this is crazy me running to the vet all the time because I am so scared she will go too. HELP.