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About the Show

Join host and landscape designer Jamie Durie, builder Scott Cam, horticulturalist Jody Rigby and landscaper Nigel Ruck for this Logie-winning series. Watch the team as they blitz their way through the backyards of Australian families and communities, all of whom are well-deserving recipients of these spectacular makeovers. From the perfect entertainer’s garden, to the ideal space for quadruplets and an entire street blitz no job too big or too small. Join Jamie and the team as they take over Australia one backyard at a time in Backyard Blitz.

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Posted by Samantha835 •9d ago • Report
Hi I'm a young nurse who moved into the definition of a fixer-upper with my partner. He has a young boy who we want to give the work but can't find the savings to make the house fit for a little prince. Just having a stable home for a blended family would make the work of difference to our new age family xoxoxo
Posted by Karen3017 •19d ago • Report
My lovely boyfriend Chance just bought a house . He is a paraplegic since 1988.But he has trouble getting around the yard we are slowly trying different ways to make life a little easier especially when depression sets in so as you can imagine I try to keep his spirits up. but we could do with a garden makeover The back yard is split levels and the front is slightly sloped
Karen 0412465108
Posted by Darrin41 •22d ago • Report
hello backyard blitz team my name is Darrin mcdonald and i would love your HELP PLEASE i live in moe victoria a friend of mine who also lives up here with his two daughters and up until resently his wife who passed away on easter sunday. his daughter are meg who is just about to turn 7 and ashley who is 9 they are finding it very hard without there mother. So i was wondering if there was anyway you guys and girls could see it in your heart to come up and renavat there backyard so the girls would have some where lovely to play and escape hopefully it might help take there mind off lossing there mother just a little bitt. Claire who is there mother was a very big part of this community and did a lot of stuff for every one else and asking nothing in return. She was also a very big part of the girls life her and her husband Jamie were at every event and fund rasier. PLEASE if you can help it would be a very big thing for this family and the community. THANK YOU please contact me if you can on 0438372476
Posted by Georgina281 •5w ago • Report
Hi Jamie,
We would love your help with our garden. My father was the avid gardener in our family. He made it into a haven. However he passed away in February last year and my mum and I have been trying to restore/up keep it to its former glory but we can't. Mostly due to my time constraints (with work and study) and mum having a partial disability. Between us we get some of the gardening done but it's not what it used to be. It's a bit like a mausoleum now with Dad gone. We 'see' him everywhere and some of the trees are thriving (I have found talking to them does wonders) but the weeds are out of control. So I know I could probably spend more time trying to renovate it myself but I am so ignorant in this field. There is much to do and I would love for it to be low maintenance so it could be manageable. Our yard is so big we don't know where to start. I leave the house everyday and take mum out when I can (as she can't go far with her rollator) however the garden for her is her escape when she's not out and about. I would love it if you could help us with this. More for my mum than me.
Posted by Courtney663 •5w ago • Report
Hi Jamie, my mum is a single mum of me and my sister. She is the most incredible mum so caring and always going beyond distance to provide for me and my sister. A few years ago my mum was a victim of domestic violence, apon finding out her partner who had proposed to her was having an affair with another woman. From this came a huge downfall for our family. My mum lost a lot of money out of the sale of the house and him refusing to pay her out which means she had to start off fresh, now with a very large mortgage. Some weeks are harder than others but she manages to always provide for us as well as giving back into the community for the last 15 years at a local dance school, and always volunteering for organisations. The house we live in now is little and cute but needs some work doing to it. The outside area because a big focus as she is so embarrassed to bring people over. I would love for someone to give something back to her like she always gives to others, to give her a little bit less to worry about. I would love for something nice to be done for her out of the greatness of my heart as well as yours.
Posted by Bianca599 •6w ago • Report
Hello Jamie, my mum is a single mum of 3 the youngest being only 13, the past 2 years she has been battling leukimia, on the 1st of April she will be heading into one of melbournes best hospitals to undergo a bone marrow transplant, she will be in the hospital for aprox 2 months give or take where she will undergo intensive rounds of chemotherapy , full body radiation and stem cell transplant, these past 2 years my mum has not been able to touch dirt due to her immune system and unable to breath in cleaning chemicals, she is a single mum on a pension and owns her own home and has really had to let it go both inside and out and really focus on her health, I am writting to you as our last resort ... We are screaming for a little bit of help...and any help. I would love to be able to take that weight off my mums shoulders and be able to bring her house back to its natural beauty obviously with your help.
Posted by Mary1068 •6w ago • Report
Hi Jamie, I really need help to give my mum's home a big face lift so we can get a good price for Auction. My mum passed away on in December 2014. My eldest brother was her carer for many years and he now suffers from major depression and his own health issues after forgetting his own self care when he took care of my mum. I can't help as I had a serious injury in 2007 that has left me with permanent damage in my lower and cervical spine. We really need a break. My partner is helping as much as he can with painting and some internal house repairs but with are running out of time to get my mum's home ready for auction. My partner has his own business and works long hours in his commercial cleaning and mowing business. I worry my partner will burn out as after he finishes his daily business work he goes to my mum's place and works until 9pm each night. Any help will be appreciated.
Posted by Linda1651 •6w ago • Report
A small garden for a childcare centre (in the making) with safety, smell and sensory plantings and experiences integrated into the design..Single woman making a career change after working overseas teaching for 15 years, now creating my own work back home. Overwhelmed by the extend of this conversion/renovation and the garden is just one more piece of the puzzle of this makeover. The property is in a heritage area in rural NSW near Newcastle. I'm having trouble getting tradies to even come to quote my job let alone do any work....a mystery I'm yet to solve.
Posted by Suzanne738 •6w ago • Report
Would love the blitz team to visit us .we are in rural nsw and are trying to renovate our home which is approximately 100 years old. I am currently unemployed as i suffer with anxiety and depression so money is very tight. To at least have our backyard finished would be wonderful
Posted by Simone713 •7w ago • Report
Hi Jamie , we don't have any debilitating illnesses to speak of , we live in Tempe. inner West of Sydney CBD , have a tiny yard - it's flat and has a shell of a shed in it - my hubbie is a gunner but hasn't done anything with it - any way if you'd like to help us create an oasis to escape from the plane noise and rat race . It's really small - 0431712319