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About the Show

Join host and landscape designer Jamie Durie, builder Scott Cam, horticulturalist Jody Rigby and landscaper Nigel Ruck for this Logie-winning series. Watch the team as they blitz their way through the backyards of Australian families and communities, all of whom are well-deserving recipients of these spectacular makeovers. From the perfect entertainer’s garden, to the ideal space for quadruplets and an entire street blitz no job too big or too small. Join Jamie and the team as they take over Australia one backyard at a time in Backyard Blitz.

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Posted by Michael1885 •8d ago • Report
I am a 48 year old stepdad married with two teenage children from south america,after many years of struggling my wife and I managed to get together the deposit for a modest home in Hebersham NSW, I have done a lot of work on the property myself,but with regards to the landscaping it is out of my depth and price range. If you are looking for a challenge then this would be it, and most certainly any help would be most appreciated.

Regards, Michael
Posted by Michael1885 •8d ago • Report
How do I enter for the chance for a garden makeover ?
Posted by Carrie-Ann3 •12d ago • Report
Hi Jamie and Crew,
From one heart to another I am steping out of my comfort zone and asking for a miracle. I watch you guys and cry everytime I see you guys change someone's life. It's beautiful ??. Now my Sister who does everything for everyone with out complaints is in need of a deck around her pool area sounds simple I know but with 5 kids and extras all the time as I say she has a big heart it's all costly and as much as it would be a dream come true for her she puts it off and off just something as much as she wants it can't justify it. I am not in a position financially to help her but she does so much for me and my family. I pray all the time that something good like this would happen to her. I'm nearly crying typing this. ?? I have a deck in need of repair but I'm not to worried because I have a deck. I just want her backyard dream to come true. 4 years ago she was working and one of her goals was to save enough money to complete her pool area but unfortunately our mother was diagnosed with secondary cancer and my sister gave her job away to care for Mum. So that's were it ended for her. She looks out her kitchen window daily wishing she had the funds to finish it off. Hope you guys can help me help her . To see her get something so special would be amazing as she gives so much to others. And she is my Big sister ?? thanks guys keep up being Awesome.
Posted by Zita10 •29d ago • Report
Hi Jamie and the LifeStyle Team,
We are a family living in the Redfern Area in Sydney. We bought our home a few years ago and then found out we were expecting a baby. It turned out that I ended up project managing the interior renovation of the house in my last trimester of pregnancy (the ultimate version of “nesting”). I then developed a pregancy related condition called pre-eclempsia which meant we had to delay our reno till the baby was born. When our little son was 6 weeks old we had to move into the house while the renovation was still underway and we have been renovating and improving our interior of the home ever since (its been nearly two years since we started!) with a baby/now toddler in tow! We are still not through as we still need to do the kitchen and backyard but finances, time and mental head space (with a very cheeky toddler taking up lots of our attention) do not allow for this to happen. Our backyard has some amazing potential as there is an approx. 6 metre (high) x 16 metre (long) wall of which half it is made of old sandstock bricks (circa 1890’s) that some sections need a clean and sections re-pointed and the other half would make for a fabulous vertical garden feature. We would like to develop it into an outdoor space where we can entertain as well as have a little space for our son to run around and possibly grow some urban veggies. We hope that you guys can help make our dream of having a fantastic backyard come true!
Posted by Natalie1686 •30d ago • Report

My dad is the hardest working man I know. He wakes up at 4am every morning and works 6 days a week. Mostly gets home at around 6.30 - 7pm. But doesn't stop there, on Sundays he catches up on paperwork and tries his best to fix up the house where he can. He used to go every Sunday to his aunties farm (deceased) to feed the cows and fix up the fence.
My dad does his best to provide for me and my brother. Working so hard so we can be happy and know he's doing a good job.
For a year now we have had a dog named Sadie and she has ruined our back yard. Destroying the beautiful grass we once had and she has taken out our Rosemary bush.
i hope this could be a chance to help out my dad to have a fantastic team to renovate the back yard as he never has time to do it.
A bit of a helping hand would be 1000 times appreciated. I would love to put a smile on my dads face and take one heavy weight off his shoulders. As a sigh of relief to having a beautiful backyard.

Natalie Castellan
Posted by Bronwen49 •5w ago • Report
Hi myself and my partner and two boys have just brought a house 3 years ago with the help of my partner parents John and lynette who have just retieded and are traveling around Australia in a caravan and they are home bassing with us. With one of the bedrooms we knocked a whole in the the wall that joined up too a big room that was being use to store things which we have now tured in to a bathroom, bedroom and lounge /kitchen which we did all but the plumbing ourselves. Which is fine but my partner has arthritis which is start to get quite bad not that he would tell you and he is a sparky by traide so the small thing are gettinh hard. This by itself would be ok but my kidneys have started to shut down and im going to have to start dyalise soon and centerlink says that christain earns to much money for them to help us we are try to put our oldest son through a trainership but we are only bearly making it . And I would just love to be able to sprise my partner with the back garden looking nice and he not have to end up in pain for week after getting it done . So if you could help that would make a difference to us. Thank you for reading this comment kind regards Bronwen Callaghan .
Posted by Bronwen49 •5w ago • Report
Hi Jamie and team. We brought our home 4 year ago with the help of my in-laws who have retired and are traveling around Australia when they're are not on the road they will home base with us so they could have there own space we cut a whole in the back bedroom that led into a game/stored room. It is now a granny flat with bathroom walk in robe bedroom and a lounge room/ kitchen all of which my lovely partner Christian and other family members built. The problem is that christain has arthritis and its not getting any better and Im not much help as I have just been told that my kidneys are failing and I will have to start dyalise very soon which means I cant work even if I want to no one will hire me. What I was hopeing you could help me with is a small make over in the backyard to show him how much all that he had done for me means to me . And so for once he can have a nice garden and not be in pain for a week after the work is done. Thank you for reading my message Kind regards Bronwen Callaghan.
Posted by Laura410 •6w ago • Report
Hi Jamie, We have been in the house for 7 years. With much hard work and all of our savings we renovated the inside. However, we have a big blank canvas of a backyard which tapers in at the back to only 10m wide. Our block is just shy of 1000m2, and we really are not sure what to do with the space. Ideally we would love a deck and some garden beds, with eventually in the future, maybe a pool! We have 3 children under 10. We have 2 indoor cats and a small dog. After we had child number 3, who sadly was born sleeping, I left my job of 14 years to start a new venture to get me through the hard time. Since then we sold that business, because two years on and we have our beautiful child number 4, our rainbow baby. She has brought such light to all our lives, but with extra medical costs we are still catching up on the bills, and only on one income so I could be at home with my baby. I have worked ever since I was 14/9months so this has been quite different for me to be a stay at home mum. Would love even the slightest makeover! Laura.
Posted by SHAHARAZAAD •7w ago • Report
I have 6 kids that I raised myself . 5 boys one girl . I work in disability and love helping people . Everyone has a story to tell and hardship in their life .. I recently purchased a home and I am so very grateful. I am
Very good with interior decorating and managed to a lot of work myself in the interior of the house . On the 6th of March 2016 my son Adam had a motorbike accident breaking 12 bones and cheated death .. I have gone back to casual employment so I can care for him. I often look in my backyard and wish and pray so hard I could get that beautiful scenery,overlooking a beautiful garden / entertainment area. I don't have the money and I am completely hopeless in what to do . I would love a backyard makeover ! I believe after hardship comes ease . Thank you for your time ??
Contact 0416355629
Posted by Bee25 •7w ago • Report
Hi, I'm about 21 weeks pregnant (have waited 1.5 years for my miracle) and my husband I bought a 1980's home in Perth. We have a backyard that needs a huge makeover and we are getting a wonderful group called Shalom House which is a drug rehab centre helping men and families in their community to help restore our yard. Would be great to have you work with them. It's a great initiative. Many thanks :)