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About the Show

Join host and landscape designer Jamie Durie, builder Scott Cam, horticulturalist Jody Rigby and landscaper Nigel Ruck for this Logie-winning series. Watch the team as they blitz their way through the backyards of Australian families and communities, all of whom are well-deserving recipients of these spectacular makeovers. From the perfect entertainer’s garden, to the ideal space for quadruplets and an entire street blitz no job too big or too small. Join Jamie and the team as they take over Australia one backyard at a time in Backyard Blitz.

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Posted by JennyDev •2d ago • Report
Both my husband and I lost our jobs. Recently took back our house from the tenants. Our backyard is in a huge mess as it has not been looked after. We cannot afford to spend any money on this, as we have two young children with no jobs. Please help us out Backyard Blitz team.
Posted by Rachael725 •20d ago • Report
Big job to hard no money need help!....... Would love to help my mum out she has started to become a horter and there is no room in the house to spend time with her. I'm one of four kids and my self and two older siblings have our own kids but there's no room to bring them over sit and spend time with banna and the youngest son still lives at home we all love the show and I thought it would be a great surprise to see if I can get help for her. She tries to keep it under control but it's just to big and it's a large block with a large slope her it's to old some of the garden walls are rotted and there's no money to fix it. We can't take our kids there much cus there's no were to put them down to play or anyone to sit and the there's two back sheds ones falling apart and the other was never finished need help if possible but would love it to be a surprise. I think this would make an extreme change in her life and I would love to be the one to help her to have it.
Posted by Bree17 •4w ago • Report
Please help!!!! We're in over our heads

My husband and I were so proud to save and build a brand new home in our dream location.... We failed to think about our outdoor space... Now 6 months later we are desperately trying to save and do it in pieces... Starting with the shed... We are failing and now all we have is a wet mud pit and one super dirty dog..... Please help us make our backyard something we can be proud of and finally have people around to see the home we have built...

Posted by Skye231 •5w ago • Report
Hello to all the team at 'Back Yard Blitz' my name is Skye and i really need your help!

My partners parent Deb and Chris are in all honesty the most loving, generous,kind and welcoming people i know. To be sure your team have a clear picture just hoe true that statement is, I'm going to tell you a little about them, as i couldn't possibly explain it in full.

Chris and deb have already raised four of their own kids and are currently raising four grand kids who all have sociological trouble in some way and need addition help with school work ect.. They struggle to make ends meet every week to provide for the family but, still they open their door to anyone in need and help them in whatever way they can! This includes my partner, myself and our two children though our struggles.

These truly beautiful people should be retired and living comfortably of their life's savings, as they have work very hard in life. instead, they are living week to week on a disability pension and new start allowance from the government and yet they would still do it again and again every time. It just breaks my heart to see such pure people struggling like this because they are to sweet to ask for anything in return..
Please 'Back Yard Blitz' help my get them the break they so desperately need and truly deserve!!

Thank you,
Posted by Genevieve116 •7w ago • Report
Hi my name is Genevieve and I am 20 years old and I am looking for the perfect birthday present for my Mum. 2 years ago my Dad had a stroke whilst driving and it turned my family upside down. He was in recovery for 5 months and my Mum had to work twice as hard just to provide for the family. She works as a Piano Teacher, a Chiropractic assistant and also runs her own business from home. She works from 7 am to 9 pm every day and is always tired and stressed. But she has never let her circumstances affect us kids and always tries her best to support us. Then at the end of last year he needed to have a stent put in his heart to clear a blocked artery. Which once again put him out of work for a while. Because of my Dads health problems in the last 2 years, he has been unable to do any strenuous activities including working in the backyard. My backyard has the potential to be absolutely stunning. It backs onto the darebin creek and includes a beautiful slope down to the lower section of the yard. However, in the past couple of years, mum and dad have not been able to maintain it and the garden has sadly become overgrown and untidy. My mum really wants to make a rock wall that extends down the slope and build a deck that extends from the end of the house. She tries her best to do what she can but she herself is not able to do any heavy lifting and neither is dad. I think it would actually be a highlight of her life if backyard blitz was able to help us out and fix up our backyard. Our backyard has the potential to be absolutely beautiful and unfortunately I just don't think Mum and Dad can do it. Please help us out Backyard Blitz. I cannot even explain how much it would help them out and how much happiness it would bring my parents.
Posted by Kelly1405 •8w ago • Report
Hi my name is kelly. I have a beautiful friend Bree who really needs a helping hand. She has a gorgeous autistic son Nate. He was diagnosed when he was 2. Bree and her husband Matt are tirelessly going above and beyond to ensure he gets the best treatments ( 80% out of their pocket) with speech pathologists, naturopaths, behavioural specialists etc they have done this as soon as he was diagnosed. As you can understand it has taken most of their life savings. Bree is such a humble person and never asks for anything, but I can see the stress and strain on her face - they also have an older daughter Charli which Bree feels she misses out alot as most weekends are guided around on how Nate is - I know Bree feels guilty for that! Charli is one of the most beautiful and caring little girls I have ever met- she has been picked on by her peers as well in having an autistic brother which was handled well by the school she attends but it breaks all of our hearts on how cruel kids can be to her. She is a strong little girl. Matty is currently doing an apprenticeship which sees him away 4 days of the week - which also puts more pressure on Bree - Nate is up most nights as he is in bed by 6.30pm and up anytime after 1am- as you can imagine Bree is exhausted. They have been in their home for over 22 years. The front and back garden is extremely basic with a pergola (no garage). They often talk about if they ever had enough money to buy a spa/ small pool they would - as This is one thing that Nate loves. Water calms him from the beach to the pool (with not many people around as he can't stand too much noise around him). Even with all this going on Bree constantly helps others by being a helper at not only Nate special school but also her daughters Charli. It is time that she receives something back. I beg of you to consider this please.... Thank you for considering this application kind regards kelly .
Posted by Jodie915 •10w ago • Report
Hi there... I'm writing ion on behalf of my adorable grandmother. She is a gorgeous soul, who is always happy to help others where she can. Always involved within her local golf club and still, at 83yrs old, finds a way to get out on the course at least once a week. She was once entrenched into Orchids and involved in the Orchid Club of South Australia where she became a life member and has published the club magazine. Herself and my late Grandpa even built a huge glass house in their backyard to propagate their prides and joy. Grandpa has passed some time ago and the glass house had become dangerous. Being such a Hazard as she now lives alone and as sad and emotional as it was to see it go, I'm pleased that my father decided it was time to dismantle and remove it. So now she has a "hole" in her yard. A void that was once a memory she had with her husband of over 60 years. I pray for your help.. a chance to develop a place to create new memories while nurturing the old... and attempt to fill a void
Posted by Carley41 •12w ago • Report
Hi backyard blitz, im writing because i would like to help pay my mum back. 2 years ago, i was diagnosed with kidney disease, i was put straight onto dialysis. It was then later discovered that i had tumors on my kidneys, so i under went chemotherapy, the tumors came back twice but now gone. Ive just suffered from a heart attack on top of the kidney problems. My mother is amazing woman, she works full time, whilst helping and looking after me, trying to pay my medical bills plus look after herself, as she has her own medical problems., i also have a sister and brother that she tries to keep up with as well. She is always helping others but never does anything for herself. She has a bathroom and kitchen that really need a makeover and a backyard that needs some love but she just hasn't the time or money to do anything. My mum has sacrificed so much for me and still does, she deserves something nice to happen/ or go her way. i would love to be able do something to say a small thank you to her. i would be so grateful if you guys could help at all. thank you very much :)
Posted by Kylie1585 •12w ago • Report
Hello we live in a small mining town in wickham Western Australia . We have lived here all our lives and my partner got made redundant a couple of weeks ago it was heart wrenching due to the iron ore price and there is little if any housing so we have been offered a shed to do up and we only have 2 months to move in . My partner is unwell and can not do all the Reno,s to this shed inside and out . It would be great if you guys could help in anyway to make this our new home as best as we can make it regards
Posted by Brooke690 •14w ago • Report
Hi blitz team!!
I'm currently a teacher at local community preschool in the rural town of Casino. Over the past two years the preschool has been trying achieve the children's dream of turning our desolate 'big' playground into a natural learning environment to enhance and promote children's learning. Our playground currently has two garden sheds and a sandpit, not the type of inspiring playground families and the community would hope for to promote children's learning and well being. Being a community preschool we have lots of willing volunteers to help build the garden but do not have the funds. The children have shared their ideas of what they would like in the garden (including a caravan). This encourage dramatic play.
A garden would not only promote children's learning at our centre but would provide a sensory garden that other centres in the community would be able to access.Please help make the children's dream learning environment become a reality!!!