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About the Show

Join host and landscape designer Jamie Durie, builder Scott Cam, horticulturalist Jody Rigby and landscaper Nigel Ruck for this Logie-winning series. Watch the team as they blitz their way through the backyards of Australian families and communities, all of whom are well-deserving recipients of these spectacular makeovers. From the perfect entertainer’s garden, to the ideal space for quadruplets and an entire street blitz no job too big or too small. Join Jamie and the team as they take over Australia one backyard at a time in Backyard Blitz.

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Posted by Dana192 •14d ago • Report
Please can you help my sister in law Amanda.Nearly 3 years ago she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at only 25.She has a Fiancee Josh and a 6year old son Jai.They have gone to hell and back and all the want is a pagola so the can have people over to visit.She is in Icu as we speak having just had open heart surgery as her organs were all filling up with fluid.Her normal life is going to hospital 3 to 5 day a week having different types of treatments as her body is not coping and she is in remission.Her life and body will never be the same but I just want something that she can look forward too..Money and time is very tight,Josh is in the army and works as a bricklayer but needs to take alot off time off to be there for Jai..Can you help them please..
Posted by Jen242 •15d ago • Report
My backyard is in need of some TLC ! Can you help us!! We are a young family and just had our second son. Our oldest is 19 months and LOVES the outdoors. But with a very plain backyard he doesnt go out there much!! Please help me!! We've been at Royal Children Hospital with our newborn and im feeling bad for my oldest that he doesnt have a nice play area to keep him stimulated and ammused!! I have no idea where to start and i need your help to bless my boys for all their love and patience! Its time for me to give back to them! Can you help!!
Posted by Ena •19d ago • Report
I am desperately seeking help. We built our house 3 yrs ago and ran out of money when it came to the front and backyard. So we literally have sand and burnt grass in place of a backyard. Our land was 715sm so our back yard is huge with so much potential but the bigger it is the more money needed to fix it.. I have a very active 1yr old boy and pregnant with baby 2 so financially it feels like we will never be able to have a decent backyard or front yard. Its really quite depressing and such a shame as the potential is massive with such a big area. I think it could be such a great project to see what you can do with such a large space.... please please please help!!!
Posted by Elizabeth1337 •25d ago • Report
I very rarely ask for help, but I am now. I would sincerely appreciate any help for myself and my mum in creating a functional and nice yard. I recently sold my old house to buy an older slightly run down house so that I had less time to travel to/fro work and more time to care for my mum. We have no family in Australia to help us and our relatives in Europe are struggling too much to help out. I had a major operation in 2010 and mum had two heart attacks in 2011. This year she has had two operations to remove four aggresive cancers and I am struggling to keep up with work to pay the bills as well as to care for her. What also makes me quite sad is the old place i had lived in for 15 years, i had made the garden a paradise of fruit trees, flowers, native shrubs and had a chicken run. The house we moved into has practically nothing, and not even a shed so i park my car on the front lawn while the garage still has boxes in it for unpacking and is also where my two border collies sleep. I feel so overwhelmed with all that I have to do. If you can help me, to help myself and mum it would lift such a load from my shoulders and I would be grateful for ever. I love my mum very much, she is all I have, i wish i could do more but it is just too much for one person alone.
Thanks for reading
All my love
Posted by Andy167 •6w ago • Report
Greetings from Edinburgh in Scotland
Ok where do I start. My young cousin from Sydney is due to get married in 3 months time.
Along with her boyfriend they are doing up a house they have bought in preparation for her wedding.
Unfortunately she has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour which has left all our family devastated. As she's such a strong person they are carrying on as normal however hard it is to cope with the wedding and future keeps her going
Without any financial support things will be a little tough to get all required for the wedding, which will be hosted at their new house
We would love some help to carry out a modest garden makeover to help her realise her dream
.a lot to ask I know but any help for her cause would be most welcome
Kind regards
Posted by Jenna272 •7w ago • Report
Hi :) I am 25 and been working full time since I left school to buy a block and build my own house. Dream archived! I have roughly an acre on the coast at kingston S.E. I am now struggling to get a house yard organized! Money is tight and I am expecting my first baby in nov. I manage a property and am still working full time so I'm struggling. If you can help me build a simplistic, low maintanice, beautiful garden/house yard for me and my small fam to enjoy would be fabulous :)
Posted by Taryn113 •8w ago • Report
My mums back yard is need of some TLC. My mum is a paraplegic and has been in a chair for 36 years. My mum had a toddler, my oldest brother, at the time of her accident and since her accident has had myself and another boy. She is the best mum in the world and our lives have not felt any different, because she is the strongest and most loving lady. I would love to thank my mum for everything she has done for us without even thinking about it by giving her a backyard makeover. My mum doesn't work but volunteers to a paraplegic and quadriplegic association and helps new paraplegics and quadriplegics by going to their homes and helping them settle into their new lives. I am worried that with my mum getting older now she will need help soon to keep up with the state of her home. My mum is located in North Queensland, Cairns. Would love to see what Backyard Blitz could do to my mums backyard!
Posted by JennyDev •9w ago • Report
Both my husband and I lost our jobs. Recently took back our house from the tenants. Our backyard is in a huge mess as it has not been looked after. We cannot afford to spend any money on this, as we have two young children with no jobs. Please help us out Backyard Blitz team.
Posted by Rachael725 •11w ago • Report
Big job to hard no money need help!....... Would love to help my mum out she has started to become a horter and there is no room in the house to spend time with her. I'm one of four kids and my self and two older siblings have our own kids but there's no room to bring them over sit and spend time with banna and the youngest son still lives at home we all love the show and I thought it would be a great surprise to see if I can get help for her. She tries to keep it under control but it's just to big and it's a large block with a large slope her it's to old some of the garden walls are rotted and there's no money to fix it. We can't take our kids there much cus there's no were to put them down to play or anyone to sit and the there's two back sheds ones falling apart and the other was never finished need help if possible but would love it to be a surprise. I think this would make an extreme change in her life and I would love to be the one to help her to have it.
Posted by Bree17 •13w ago • Report
Please help!!!! We're in over our heads

My husband and I were so proud to save and build a brand new home in our dream location.... We failed to think about our outdoor space... Now 6 months later we are desperately trying to save and do it in pieces... Starting with the shed... We are failing and now all we have is a wet mud pit and one super dirty dog..... Please help us make our backyard something we can be proud of and finally have people around to see the home we have built...