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6 Stopover Hotels Worth the Long Haul

6 Stopover Hotels Worth the Long Haul

No one likes a long haul, and just like a cheap bottle of wine, they tend to take their toll more as the years progress. Why not succumb to a stopover and ease the jet lag effect with a night or two in one of these smashing hotels.

How To Use Airbnb (and Have an Amazing Holiday!)

Heard the buzz about Airbnb? Here’s our guide to the service that is now making dream accommodation a reality – and your own abode a money making machine!

10 Tips To Overcome Travel Trepidation

The world is in flux, with civil unrest, airline disasters and epidemic illness jostling for headline space. So how do we hold onto our adventurous spirits and keep travelling, when we feel trepidation?

Would you Take your Friends on your Honeymoon?

Forget the saying 'three's a crowd'. It seems a growing number of newlyweds are opting to take a group honeymoon aftyer their big day.

10 Fairytale Locations to Add to your Bucket List

You don’t need to delve into the pages of a Hans Christian Anderson story to experience a fairy tale; instead, put one of these whimsical and romantic destinations on your bucket list.

Escape and Indulge at Orpheus Island

By Fiona Harper On 20 Aug

Arguably one of Australia’s most intimate bespoke island retreats, Orpheus Island is the kind of place that welcomes you with open arms, daring you to not fall in love with her beguiling sun-drenched charms.

Our Guide to Vanuatu: Stay, See, Eat!

By Rose Jacobs On 18 Aug

It’s a good thing Coconut Palms can’t talk, because if they could they would whisper all the secrets of the island paradise of Vanuatu. On the upside, Lifestyle’s Travel Expert, Rose Jacobs is more than happy to spill the beans!

5 Reasons to Visit Macau

Looking for a unique holiday destination in Asia? Discover the two faces of Macau - from the Las Vegas style casinos and glitzy shopping malls to its historic Portugese roots.

The Kimberley: Australia's Ultimate Destination

The world is in a state of flux, so why would you leave Australia when the most ancient, awesome, inspiring destination is so very close?

The Best of Ubud at Komaneka

Despite the throngs of tourists that it welcomes every year, Ubud retains much of its charm and tranquility from days gone by. Discover understated 5 star luxury a stone’s throw from the heart of Ubud.

House Sitting: Travel the World for Next to Nothing!

Missing the comforts of home when on holiday? House sitting may be the answer to enjoy domesticity, whilst living a life a little more daring! From a villa in Tuscany to a beach house in Goa - it's an opportunity to explore the globe on a budget.