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How to Find a Suit to Suit Your Shape

Whether you’re an hourglass, an apple or a pear, follow How To Look Good Naked Canada’s Libor Šula top tips on looking great in the workplace.


Choose a suit with pinstripes with a single closure to nip you in at your smallest point, under the breast, and flaring out over the hip. Team with a v-neck top and wide-leg trouser.


Own those curves with a black two-button jacket and sleek pencil skirt. Black on black slims your shape, and the skirt accentuates the curve from your hip to your knee. A belt will nip you in at your teensy waist.


Command respect with a brown suit and a bold-patterned bow-tie blouse. The bold pattern minimises the fact that you have smaller breasts and the broad shouldered suits even out your hips.


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