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    Not happy, Hairdresser 

    Going to the same salon for years - now there's a new cutter and I'm not happy. Do I change salons? Do I opt for another cutter in the same salon? (my old cutter has returned from o/s but is further away andI'd feel I'd have to sneak past the salon)

    curl enhancer 

    hi stevie, my grandaughter has gorgeous curly hair , but it is long and thick and course she gets lots of dandruff . Her mum is of maori descent and she has inherited the hair , its beautiful but it is difficult to control and tends to get very frizzy , i would love to try something that will enhance her curls but moisturise her hair also and have her curls controlled so they don, frizz out and go boofy on her she is a teenager now and it really gets her down , any help you can give will be great.

    New Hair Cut for Winter 

    Hello Stevie My Name is Talitha and I have shoulder length brown hair but I wanna change that for winter and I was hoping that you could suggest some ideas for me. Thanks Talitha McKinnon


    Do you have any tips to stop the itching of scalp, due to psoriasis

    About my hair 

    I did chemical straighten last week and it wasn't straight. So when I went this week they said we will redo it. And I had idea to colour my hair? The salon suggest u can colour ur hair today. Next week we will redo straightening? So Is it ok to do that does my hair will damage Please give me some suggestion.


    Am in my 50's had the same long hairstyle for most of my adult life. Would like to go short. What hairstyles would be suitable?

    Feather Cut 

    Thank you for replying. I live at Toukley. Near Tuggerah, Norah Head, Wyong, The Entrance. Having trouble finding a hairdresser that knows how to 'feather cut' my horrible fine hair. Thank you for any help you can give.

    Defining moisturiser for curly hair 

    For a long time I have been using Loreal Expert Serie nourishing and defining cream for curly hair, but they have discontinued this now. This was a fabulous product for my hair and it dried soft, unlike a lot of other products that leave the hair hard when dry. Do you have a recommendation for an alternative?


    Hi I keep getting dandruff off and on really bad I've tried head and shoulders but the just seemed to give me more dandruff than it was getting rid of so then I tried selsun blue but then that stopped working all I want to is get rid of it for good can you help? If so that would be much appreciated

    Hair styles?  

    Hey, I'm in year eleven and I find it hard to style my hair nicely for school. I have medium length and medium thick hair. Do you have any good styles that are for tied up hair? Thanks :)

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