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Sex Party Secrets: Inside the World of Posh Orgies

Sex Party Secrets: Inside the World of Posh Orgies

What makes married couples, young single friends and seasoned sex addicts seek fleeting sexual experiences with a group of strangers? Welcome to the world of the self-proclaimed 'sexual elite' where VIP sex-style parties are the hottest new trend.

Top 15 Unusual Aphrodisiacs

Figs, oysters and strawberries, are known for their aphrodisiac qualities, but what other foods can cause our sex drive to roar? Just in time for Valentine's Day, these 15 unknown aphrodisiacs, are sure to get your partner in the mood!

Hottest Dating Sites & Apps To Know About

Kim Barnard checks out some of the newest additions to the online matchmaking world to see what the fuss is all about.

5 Easy Steps to More Passionate Sex

Need to inject a little more spice and spark into your relationship? Follow these top tips from founder of women's adult toy shop, Mimi De Luxe, Elle Black.

5 Foods To Get You in the Mood

We all love good sex and good food, but did you know that good food can result in good sex?

Cheeky Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Want to spice up your Christmas party with some cheeky – and cheap – Secret Santa gifts? Look no further!

Bedroom Boom: Five Albums for Gettin' it on

Draw the curtains, dim down the lighting and turn up the music with these five top albums for lovemaking.

5 Sexy Dessert Ideas for the Bedroom

If you've run out of creative bedroom ideas, take note of these five deliciously sexy foods to sweeten up your lovemaking.

Sexual Connection: 3 Saucy Apps to Download

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, we can get essential sex tips at the touch of a button - there's no need to go asking your friends for advice!

3 Steamy Reads for Spring

If you're still looking for the perfect steamy read to follow in the wake of Fifty Shades of Grey, we have three sexy novels to see you through spring.

3 Foods to Fuel Your Sex Drive

You may not have to turn to alternative supplements to fuel your sex drive, with many everyday kitchens stocked with foods that can assist the journey to mind-blowing sex!