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Duette Window Shades for Your Home

Duette Window Shades for Your Home

Interior Design Expert and star of Selling Houses Australia, Shaynna Blaze, shares her expert advice about choosing the perfect window shades for your home.

How to Overcome Location Negatives when Selling

By Andrew Winter On 7 Apr

You can do your best to play up the positives of your property location and play down the negatives. Here, Andrew Winters shows us how.

How to Improve Sandy Soil

By Charlie AlboneOn 7 Apr

Sand on the beach is great, but when it comes to gardening it brings its own problems. Charlie Albone shows you how, with a little bit of TLC, your sandy soil will deliver results and leave your plants and trees to thrive.

How to Modernise a Home on a Budget

By Shaynna BlazeOn 7 Apr

The easiest way to make a dramatic change to any interior is with paint. And the best thing - you can do it yourself, and save on labour. Shaynna Blaze shows you how.

Andrew Winter's Top 7 Renovation No No's!

By Andrew Winter On 18 Mar

Renovations can be driven by emotion and it’s easy to get carried away. Here, Andrew Winter shares his biggest reno no no's!

How To Demodernise a House

By Shaynna BlazeOn 18 Mar

When is modern too modern? Shaynna Blaze shares her expert advice to ensure you keep the balance between old and new.

What Does a Bank Valuer Look for in a Property?

By Cherie BarberOn 4 Mar

Cherie Barber taps into her wealth of renovating experience to reveal 10 of the key things a bank valuer will be scrutinising in a property.

Easy Ways to Make Over your Laundry

By Shaynna BlazeOn 23 Feb

A laundry that is well thought-out can be a real selling point. Shaynna Blaze gives you some fantastic ideas to create a better laundry space.

Hottest DIY Tips from the Selling Houses Team

When it comes to home reno know-how, you can’t go past the Selling Houses Australia team! Here they lend us their top tips from the latest season.

How To Improve Awkward Floor Plans

By Shaynna BlazeOn 22 Jan

Awkward floor plans can affect your whole property or, if you're lucky, just part of it. Shaynna Blaze provides her expert advice on how you can make some simple updates.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Old Home

Jonathan Scott shows how you can improve the efficiency of your old home.