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Inside Michelle Williams's New Brooklyn Home!

Inside Michelle Williams's New Brooklyn Home!

Michelle Williams's new Brooklyn home presents a great renovation opportunity. Take a look inside the century-old mansion before it turns into a modern masterpiece.

Surfing the World Wide Property Market

By Cherie BarberOn 1 Jul

The Internet is certainly not the Holy Grail of buying and renovating property, but it's a great starting point, says renovation expert Cherie Barber.

Top 7 Tips for Sustainable Building or Renovating

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 18 Jun

Building a sustainable home doesn’t have to have expensive bells and whistles. With a few key design principals a sustainable home can be built at little to no additional costs.

How To Merge Old and New when Renovating

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 11 Jun

When renovating an existing building, do you remain faithful to the period architecture or turn your back on history? Find out more about the Harcourt house and the most important things to consider when undertaking a renovation project of your own.

7 Ways to Finance a Successful Renovation Project

A well-planned renovation can see your home's market value soar. Follow these 7 expert tips to get you well underway.

11 Derelict Buildings Given an Amazing Makeover

Thanks to a growing number of philanthropists, designers and everyday people, once impressive buildings are being restored and given a new lease of life. Here we discover 11 buildings that inspire us to rescue that forgotten barn, windmill, church or warehouse.

Simple and Amazing Ways to Use Recycled Materials in your Home

By Gemma & Beatriz PeñaOn 1 Jun

Learn how you can replicate some of their building and design ideas with this expert advice.

How To Build a Recycled Timber Apple Box

By Paul West On 25 May

Transform old timber into a revived, smart-looking apple box so you can collect your seasonal goodies! Follow Paul West's handy How To guide.

The Impacts of Zoning on a Property

By Andrew Winter On 28 Apr

Development in our communities is controlled by local government. Councils rule how land can be used, and what they decide could affect you more than you think. Andrew Winter shares his expert advice.

How to Create a Big Impact with a Small Garden

By Charlie AlboneOn 28 Apr

Just because you have a small garden doesn't mean it can't have a big impact. Any outside space that adds to the footprint of a tiny property is valuable. Charlie Albone shows you how.

Shaynna's Top Bathroom Do's and Don'ts

By Shaynna BlazeOn 17 Apr

A good bathroom is a major selling point. Shaynna fills us in on a few basic do's and don'ts.