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The LifeStyle Channels are currently looking for people for the following programs.


Are you building a home? Grand Designs Australia tells the stories of new homes and the people who are building them. The series charts the in-depth process of elaborate design projects.

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Are you having trouble selling your property? Do you need the expertise of Andrew, Shaynna and Charlie? The 7th series has wrapped up and we need new contributors for Series 8 now. Please register your interest by clicking on the link below.

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Location Location Location Australia - the LifeStyle Channel’s hit local TV show, is gearing up for more filming! This means we’re looking for house hunters who are seeking a brand new lifestyle in a new house and a new location.

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In this exciting new one hour primetime version, over four days, four people who’ve never previously met will look around each other’s homes, sample each other’s cooking, and pass judgment on each other’s entertaining skills.

The winning host each week, as evaluated by those four people, will win a generous cash prize.

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Posted by Adams2 • 6d ago • Report
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Adams Andersen
Posted by zoimeister74 • 8w ago • Report
I would love if my garage could be transformed or at least tidied up!
As a recent widow and mom of twins and a husband that loved his tools the garage is a one-shop stop of Bunnings!
Come Clean My Garage - great TV show!
Posted by Roger125 • 12w ago • Report
Wife and I have just bought a house in Bardwell valley NSW.We are looking at massive reno's. After three different quotes with a difference of over 50k. We are stuck on who to go with. Its an older style house and would love some advice. Both wife and I happy to get dirty too but we have no idea. I have never lifted a brick in my life.
Posted by Miranda99 • 14w ago • Report
i need a makeover my face is bad now i was in a car wk and cut my face and now i have know teeth
Posted by Maddison108 • 16w ago • Report
My fair wedding please come to Australia.... I need david ?
Posted by Sonja117 • 23w ago • Report
We live at beautiful Tamborine mountain Qld, we need a garden that is low maintainable , due to work my hubby and I cannot keep up with it. Just the other week at 46 I had a few heart attacks, followed by open heart surgery for a double bypass. I am so grateful to be alive, I got my second chance. I would love a garden makeover that is easy to look after, any area of my garden having a makeover would be fantastic, I am happy for anything or whatever you like to be done, anything would be a bonus. Thank you ?? Sonja Greub
Posted by Bianca176 • 37w ago • Report
I desperately would love to update my Grandparents home for them. They are truly an inspiration to me, for the last 13 years they have dedicated so much of their time to facilitating and running La Valette Maltese social club and continue to do so. Even though they are both in pain from day to day with different ailments they continue to go 3-4 days a week, all voluntary! Even more than that in December they agreed to letting Myself my partner and young Daughter of 14 months move so we could save to get a house of our own.

To do this they have had to put some of their furniture in storage, throw out belongings, move cloths and squish their things to make room for us. I would love nothing more to be able to upgrade their home for them to make it less maintenance and more modern a place that is more comfortable for them.
I cant imagine a more deserving people.

If anyone reads this and has any ideas or know of any where else I can apply etc would LOVE to hear from you.

Posted by Lyn382 • 39w ago • Report
I dream of not a backyard makeover but the ability to assist my daughter and her family receiving assistance just finishing their back yard so their 2 gorgeous little boys can finally get outside to play. As the youngest being 3 in a couple of weeks has chronic allergies and is anaphylaxis to both digestion and airborne particles of a lot of the foods most people eat daily, due to this he is mostly stuck inside the house and when he does get taken out it normally results in severe rashes that results in him scratching all over and then he ends up with skin infections all over his body. Basically he cannot live a normal life and is unable to go to normal places such as playgrounds, ***ls etc. even the days he goes to drop his brother off at kinder results in puffy eyes and a rash!! Unfortunately his 4 year old brother has to miss out on all the normal outside activities also due to his little brothers allergies. For them to both be able to benefit from a backyard makeover with a playground all of their own would mean so much. There house is 5 years old and we having been helping them out with their outside landscaping etc but funds and time only stretches so far and at the rate we are going the 2 boys will be married before we get it finished!!
Posted by Christeena • 40w ago • Report
I to would like to be on extreme makeover.I suffer from depression.have a lot of trouble dealing with life every day.have tried eveything I can to loose weight
I have tried all types of diets even tried starving my at a loss and in need of a makeover so plz if there is a makeover show plz hear my cries and pick me
Posted by Daniel470 • 49w ago • Report
I wonder if there is a limit as to how much renovating a property needs before you would consider it an option. If a property was an absolute shack, would you rule that out of the application. How does the show draw a line between detonate or renovate?