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8 Benefits of Adopting a Pet

8 Benefits of Adopting a Pet

Adopting a rescue pet has many advantages, including the opportunity to improve your general well-being, by having a loving companion for life. Here are 8 reasons why adopting a pet can enrich your life.

Pet Separation Anxiety: Your Questions Answered

Leaving your pet behind these holidays? Here's what you need to know to make sure they're happy and stress-free.

The World's Craziest Hotel Services for Pets!

Hotels are now offering the most indulgent pet services from dog massages to metabolism boosting treatments! Here are some of the most unbelievable services on offer.

Are Cats Man's New Best Friend?

Calling all cats - the world is watching. In 2013, 30 million google searches were based on the word ‘cat’ alone. But what about on a domestic scale? What makes cats as cuddle-able as they are clickable?

Diseases You Can Catch from your Pets

By Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James CarrollOn 3 Dec

Pets are often considered members of the family. Unfortunately, love is not the only thing your furry friend can give you. The Village Vets provide their expert advice about diseases you can catch from your pet.

New Weekly Top 10 for Rate My Pet!

You may notice a few changes with our regular Rate My Pet competition! Find out more about our new Weekly Top 10 feature!

Do You Need a Pet Sitter?

By Ally Lester On 26 Nov

Are you going away over summer or worried your furry friend needs some extra TLC during the week? Find out more about pet sitting services from blogger and animal lover, Ally Lester.

6 Steps to Communicate with your Pets

Would you like to know how to talk to your pet? Have you ever wondered why your furry friend is giving you the paw? Find out more with this 6-step guide to animal communication from Simmone Lee.

Weight Gain a Big Problem for Aussie Pets

It's not just more Australians who are suffering from obesity. More pets are too. Find out more with this guide from Hill’s™ Science.

Can Pets Suffer From Mental Illness?

By Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James CarrollOn 31 Oct

Have you ever wondered if your beloved family pet can suffer from psychological disorders like anxiety or a phobia? And if so, how are such conditions best treated? Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James Carroll provide their expert opinion.

Halloween Dress Up For Pets

Let your furry friends join the Halloween action with these inspiring dress up ideas!