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Penelope Quinn

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Love enhancing the everyday and cherishing the past? Join Penny on her quest to keep home-made alive.

Love enhancing the everyday and cherishing the past? Join Penny on her quest to keep home-made alive.

About Penelope Quinn

Belonging to Gen X/Y may have left Penny rendered a rabid, shameless consumer by proxy, but she's always been averse to mass production. 

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room fragrances  

Hi, instructions are a little fuzzy. Put the herbs and spices in a jar for a week? with or without water? Bring to the boil then simmer....How long for? are the ingredients whole, cut up, eucalyptu...

Painting on fabric  

can you tell me what sort of paint is best for painting on denim clothing, I don't want it to be to hard and I'd like it to look like a normal painting...

painting over silver to gold  

I have bought a chandelier from our local hardware Master's Store which has silver attachments - (unable to get it in gold but price was fantastic plus just the style I wanted) how can I paint over i...

How to Avoid the Biggest Changing Room Blunders

By Penelope QuinnOn 1 Feb

Shopping – most of us either love it or loathe it. If you count yourself among the latter, here’s some useful tips that will make a trip to your local shopping centre a whole lot less traumatic.

Healthy Meals You Need to Make in 2016

By Penelope QuinnOn 1 Jan

If you’ve indulged during the silly season, now is the time to overhaul your eating habits. Here are our most popular healthy recipes to help you stay on track.

What Not to Wear on New Year's Eve

By Penelope QuinnOn 29 Dec

Want to get attention for all the right reasons this New Year's Eve? Here’s how to sparkle without looking like a human disco ball…

Top Tips For Perfect Table Etiquette

By Penelope QuinnOn 23 Dec

Just like knowing how to change a tire and pick a lock, knowing fine dining table etiquette is one of those life skills it really pays to know even if you don’t know when you are going to use it. Here are some hard and fast rules to remember for classy dining etiquette.

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