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Penelope Quinn

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Love enhancing the everyday and cherishing the past? Join Penny on her quest to keep home-made alive.

Love enhancing the everyday and cherishing the past? Join Penny on her quest to keep home-made alive.

About Penelope Quinn

Belonging to Gen X/Y may have left Penny rendered a rabid, shameless consumer by proxy, but she's always been averse to mass production. 

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Painting on fabric  

can you tell me what sort of paint is best for painting on denim clothing, I don't want it to be to hard and I'd like it to look like a normal painting...

painting over silver to gold  

I have bought a chandelier from our local hardware Master's Store which has silver attachments - (unable to get it in gold but price was fantastic plus just the style I wanted) how can I paint over i...

making paper flowers for cards  

I hope you can help me I would like to make some flat?? flowers to put on cards that I make, so that I can send them to my friend through the mail.Thank you Anne...

Genious DIY Costume Ideas for Australian Book Week

By Penelope QuinnOn 17 Aug

The Children’s Book Council of Australia is celebrating the 70th year of Book Week next week. Left it to the last minute? We’ve pulled together super-easy DIY dress ups you can make from items already lying around the house!

17 Genius Knitting Hacks Every Knitter Needs to Know

By Penelope QuinnOn 10 Aug

Join the Guardian Angels across the country that are click-clacking their needles to support Kids With Cancer Foundation.

16 Game Changing Travel Products

By Penelope QuinnOn 5 Aug

Whether you’re going away for a weekend, a week or around the world, there are those gadgets and gizmos that make travel that little bit easier. Here are 16 products on our wish list.

How to Turn your Craft Hobby into a Business

By Penelope QuinnOn 23 Jul

It wasn’t that long ago that selling your hand made wares were limited to market stalls or a bricks and motor shop. Not any more. With the growth of online marketplaces, the WORLD is your market. Here are the top tips on how you can maximise online marketplaces to turn your hobby into a fully-fledged business.