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Paul West

River Cottage Australia Expert

Tasmanian chef Paul's dream is to run a self-sufficient farm.

Tasmanian chef Paul's dream is to run a self-sufficient farm.

About Paul West

Paul West is the host of our new series River Cottage Australia after a nationwide search for the 'Aussie Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall'.

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What is your favourite/most used kitchen item or appliance? Also, what colour is your kitchenaid?...

Thurs Aug 1st programme  

Hi Paul - Did the goats eat the blackberry roots or will they regrow? & as you only had two eggs a day - will those old eggs (from your nine) incubate?...

Saying Goodbye to Big Boy! :)  

Not a question but wanted to say thank you for your honesty in that episode. I wanted to look away and not see the process as i felt sad for big boy as he was such an awesome animal but then i realise...

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