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Facebook Glitch Results in Love

Facebook Glitch Results in Love

A technical glitch on Facebook resulted in happily ever after for two strangers.

Twilight Gets a Gender Swap

The bestselling vampire romance gets a gender swap in a new tale, by author Stephenie Meyer.

Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas Reportedly Dating

We didn't see this coming. The latest rumoured hook-up is none other than Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas.

What a Marriage Needs to Survive: 6 Key Traits

Wondering what the secret is to a long and happy marriage? According to new research, it's down to 6 key traits.

'Fifty Shades' Ruining Dakota Johnson's Love Life

Dakota Johnson, star of Fifty Shades of Grey, says playing Anastasia Steele is affecting her love life.

Would You Take A #DivorceSelfie ?

A new trend sees couples celebrating the end of their marriage with a #divorceselfie.

Exes Talk About What Ended Their Relationship

A new viral video shows what happens when you put two exes in the same room to talk honestly about whatever they want. And there is a lot of tears.

Dr. Mike's 'Hot Doctor' Instagram Goes Viral

A second-year medical resident in the USA (and his husky sidekick Roxy) is breaking the internet with his Instagram account!

What Each Sign Should Know About Finding their Soul Mate

By Kelli FoxOn 15 Aug

Finding lasting love is everyone’s goal, but the dating game can be disheartening at times. Give Cupid a helping hand by figuring out what you truly need from a potential partner.

Swoon! Top 11 Most Romantic Celebrities

Which male or female celebrity pulls out all the stops when it comes to romance? Here we list 11 of the most swoon-worthy celebrities of all time.

Could this be The Best Proposal Ever?

Cue tissues. This Aussie proposal will have you on the verge of tears.