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Learn the Real Language of Love this Valentine’s Day

Learn the Real Language of Love this Valentine’s Day

There are five main love languages.

New Dating App Tells You How 'Hot' You Are According to Science

By Rebecca MitchellOn 7 Jan

A new dating app, Blinq, uses science and artificial intelligence to guess your age and tell you how 'hot' you are.

Learn to Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries

To ensure that all of your relationships are healthy you need to set and maintain boundaries.

Science Confirms the Best Time of Day for Some Lovin'

A hormone expert has revealed the best time of day to get busy with your partner.

8 Simple Strategies to Resolve Conflict in a Relationship

Clinical social worker Debbi Carberry offers her best insights to dealing with conflict in a relationship.

12 Ways to Have a Better Relationships in 2016

If you’re finding that you make the same New Year’s resolution about your relationship year after year and fail, here are twelve ways to set and maintain healthy changes that will help you to have the relationship you long for this year.

Love and Marriage: What Modern Day Romance Looks Like

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 30 Oct

Do you and your partner want to live like a married couple without the contract? Here are some things to consider when it comes to love, without marriage, in the modern day.

Liam Hemsworth on Miley Cyrus: 'It was real'

The Aussie actor opens up about his former fiancée and pop-star Miley Cyrus in a candid new interview.

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Split: 'Absolutely Not True'

The latest rumour surrounding Taylor Swift has Calvin Harris on her list of ex-lovers.

Facebook Glitch Results in Love

A technical glitch on Facebook resulted in happily ever after for two strangers.

Twilight Gets a Gender Swap

The bestselling vampire romance gets a gender swap in a new tale, by author Stephenie Meyer.