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Janella Purcell

Nutrition Expert


    Hi Janella What do you think about the use of Gee as an oil? I have been using it and understand that it is butter fat.. Warm Regards Sharon

    Acute bronchitis in child 

    My 4yr old son seems to get bronchitis every 3-4 weeks. He's only ever taken antibiotics once a couple of months ago. He's gluten and dairy free 90% of the time. Any suggestions on what I can do for him in terms if herbs etc?


    Can I use a clean jam jar and lid to make coconut yoghurt? I live in the tropics Is there anything special I need to be aware of to ferment things in the tropics? Can things be fermented in the fridge?

    dashi satchets 

    Hi, I often use dashi powder for making miso soup. All the brands i can find locally say they are made in japan and was wondering if you know of some that is produced more locally?


    Hi Janella! I discovered you on Good Chef, Bad Chef and you have completely changed my outlook on what I put into my body, so thank you :-) I would just like your opinion on the top 5 super foods that every household should have? We are a young family of five and my daughters are adventurous however my husband and son are not (typical men!). Thank you for taking the time to reply and I hope to meet you one day in person. Nat xx

    Getting started 

    Hi Janella, firstly, love your work. I would love to be preparing nutritious meals for my young family and my steak & frozen veggies hubby. Which of your books would be the best investment for me to start with and begin introducing some alternative meals to my family. Thanks Katrina

    Foods for Hormones 

    Hi Janella!! I'm a huge fan of yours, thankyou for doing what you do! I suffer from adult acne and quite moderate to severe chin hairs but don't have PCOS. I was wondering if you could recommend some foods or supplements that would help balance my hormones? Thankyou, Hannah

    Pearl barley 

    Hi, what do you think of pearl barley? I have a lazy bowl. So much so that when we eat corn my partner says it comes out whole, as in undigested. I don't see it when it comes out in me so I assume it's digested. So I'm thinking pearl barley may help. I have to drink prune juice to go when my partner who eats the same food literally can't Wait. We eat a lot of chilli as well which I thought helps with digestion and no bread. Cheers clive

    Flaxseeds and Nutritional Yeast 

    Hi Janella, I was just wondering if the nutrients in flaxseeds can be absorbed if eaten whole or do they need to be ground up? Also is nutritional yeast really a good source of b12. Thanks, Crystal.


    Hi! I keep buying herbs and they keep dying on me! I am looking for some tips as to the care and maintaining them. I have them inside and outside of my apartment. Herbs: parsley thyme chives basil oregano Can I grow herbs successfully inside? I use seasol ATM, is that ok?

Janella Purcell is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, iridologist and chef.